10 Best Motorcycle Headlight Reviews( Updated 2019) And Buying Guide

Are you tired of screwing up your eyes at the road late at night? Well, you don’t have to stress your eyes when you can have a permanent solution. You need the best LED motorcycle headlight that will offer brighter light on the road and even last longer than the normal headlight. Right here are our best led headlights for motorcycle that are designed to last longer than your motorcycle because they’ve a lengthy lifespan. Furthermore, installing them is a snap. What you need to do is simply match the right size of your motorcycle housing and the headlight will offer you a dependable, bright lights. Get your best motorcycle LED headlight from this list.

best Motorcycle Headlight

 1. Speed Moto Co 7″ Headlight Cafe Racer Motorcycle H4 Metal Black  

The speed Moto Co headlight will make your 78 Triumph look awesome and cool. You need to mount the headlight perfectly and it will look like it was meant to be there. Also, people with 84 Honda Magna will fall in love with this headlight since it will do wonders on your bike. The headlight is brighter than the original headlight and it will make your bike better than before.

The solid construction of the item will make it to stay in place as long as it is correctly installed. The product is super easy to install. Smaller bolts and a rubber washing can be used and you will get a secure fit afterwards. It has 10mm threaded mounting holes and this is great since the bolts will not be noticeable on your bike after installation. The super bright bulb will cut through the night and this will ensure you get a safe ride each time you have the headlight.

Bikers who are handy will like this headlight because it offers plenty of room for wiring. You can enjoy modifying your bulb without interfering with the light output. The housing of the headlight is super durable and this will guarantee long-lasting use. This super bright headlight is a great choice to bikers who want to replace their dim headlight. This motorcycle headlight LED will let you to enjoy a perfect DIY upgrade.


– Universal headlight for most bikes

– There’s plenty of rooms for the wiring

– Very easy to install and replace

– Rugged durability with heavy-duty housing and state-of-the-art LEDs

– Has the best high light transmission


– The screws can rust easily

2. Motorcycle 7″ LED Headlight 4.5 Fog Passing Lights

Do you want the best LED motorcycle headlight which is hassle-free to install? Get this product right now because it comes with a build-in Canbus which is a new design to make installation stress-free. It will only need you to plug and play and you’re set to rock. With its four lighting modes which are high beam, daytime running light, low beam and amber turn signal light, this headlight will always accompany you to your destination. When your motorcycle high beams need replacing, this will be the headlight you can count on.

The product is much brighter and durable compared to other headlight. The polycarbonate lens and the Die-casting aluminum housing make this headlight super durable and can handle several abuses. It has ribbed design to ensure efficient cooling, great strength, as well as, lightweight. This led headlight for motorcycle is shock-proof, rust-proof and the sealed housing makes it water-proof. If your bike has 7” headlight and 4.5 inch fog passing light, then you need to invest in this stuff.

Bikers with 2008 Harley will absolutely love this motorcycle headlight because there is no drilling or modification required when installing. Be informed that the package comes with one 7” LED headlight and two 4.5” LED fog lights and wire harness so you don’t have to buy extra parts. Grab your model right now and it will efficiently relieve driving fatigue enabling you to arrive at your destination without hassle.


– Hassle-free to install

– Has four lighting modes

– The housing is super durable

– Weather-proof

– Has efficient cooling

– Has a lengthy lifespan of 50,000 hours


– Relatively costly

 3. Hozan Black 5.75″ LED Motorcycle Headlight  

Do you have a motorcycle with 32 to 44mm fork tubes and want the best LED motorcycle headlight? Hozan Black Headlight will be your best option and it comes with clamps to ensure you install without disappointment. The headlight is hassle-free to install and you’ll like the fact that you don’t have to drill any holes when installing the headlight.

The product comes with lamp housing clamps to ensure that it fit most motorcycle models. Hozan Headlight is designed to fit metric bikes, motorbikes, beginner show bike, café racers, Honda Rebel 500, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 custom and more. The light is super bright and it will never show dimness or poor visibility. Let this motorcycle headlight LED to transform the look and performances of your motorcycle.

 Also, the product has impressive color temperature lumens. Its longer lifespan will let you to go for a long way before you start thinking of changing it. This headlight is a great choice for bikers who want a durable and high-performing headlight for their motorcycle. The headlight will help motorists to reduce traffic accidents which are caused by bad weather, careless drivers, or road obstructions.


– Hassle-free to install

– Fit most motorcycles and other custom application

– Super bright light pattern

– Eco-friendly and heat dissipation

– Perfect quality and unique design


– Some users may require minor modification when installing the headlight

4. Angel Eyes Cree E-MARK led headlight 7 inch

Get this motorcycle headlight today and you will love its newest unique design. The headlight will enhance the look, as well as, the performance of your motorcycle with its awesome LED light. You’ll find everything you need to ensure stress-free installation in the kit. The light of the product is brighter but softer and you’ll notice that it is closer to daylight.

The lifespan of the headlight is unbeatable. With its lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, this headlight will give you a long-lasting service which is reliable and dependable. The complex reflector design will ensure that drivers get the best visibility when on the road. The easy plug and play installation will let bikers to save their valuable time.

You need this headlight and it will efficiently relieve driving fatigue enabling you to arrive to your destination without wait. The project light of the headlight is suitable for long distance while the complex reflector design will improve overall visibility. You’ll never go wrong with this motorcycle led headlight, try it today and you’ll enjoy your ride. You’ll get standard 3 blade connection that will make installation quick and easy. Get yours right now and enjoy the best ride always.


– Die-casting aluminum alloy housing guarantees durability

– Has a lengthy lifespan of 50,000 hours

– Offer a universal fit to most 7 inch headlights such as off-road vehicles, truck, SUV, etc.

– Waterproof, quakeproof, dust-proof and anti-explosion

– Has upgraded PC lens surface with the best high light transmission


– You need to be handy to achieve a professional installation

5. SpeedMotoCo 50mm – 51mm Motorcycle Projector Headlight 

You need the best LED motorcycle headlight that offer a good value for your money. This item has the best build and looks awesome. It has the best projector housings and lenses with the best quality ever. You’ll also like the fact that the item is DOT certified and this is a huge plus since this make the product 100% street legal worldwide. The product is totally street legal and you will have confidence since you’ll not break any rules. It also offers a universal fit to most motorcycles.

It comes with two 55W projector single beam lights which are bright but soft and consumes less power. The bottom light is high beam while the top light is low beam and the lights will ensure you see clearly at night. You can replace your high beam today with this item and it will give you a reliable light that will cut through the night. The universal mounting bracket will make installation time less frustrating. The four fork brackets will let users to simply mount the clamp to their motorcycles forks and enjoy the most wanted light.

You need to do some simple fabrications to get a perfect installation. The aluminum brackets make the headlight cool, easy to maintain and lightweight. Bikers with 2002 Yamaha FZ1 StreetFighter will fall in love with this well-made headlight. This motorcycle LED headlight will upgrade the look of your bike without breaking your bank. Get the model today and it will give you reliable performances.


– Universal light for most bikes

– The headlight has the best lens with the great high light transmission

– Low power consumption

– Simple installation


– Some people may require more time to install the headlight

6. Wire Mesh 7.75″ Matte Black Motorcycle Headlight

Getting the best motorcycle headlight with all metal construction has been made easier. Here is the item you’ve been searching for waiting for your order. It is designed for side mount and it will instantly upgrade the look of your BMW K100 custom scrambler. The headlight comes with three prong plug in to enable bikers to have a secure fit. The bulb is also easy to change and this will save your time especially if you’re not such handy with headlights.

You’ll like the bucket since it looks amazing and its paint will never fade away. The high beams are great for cutting through the night. You will love the great performances of this headlight because it will ensure that everything in your field of vision is highly visible. The light will give your motorcycle a sleek, modern feel and it emits a very clean, white light that the oncoming motorists will really like your light.

This light is an exceptional one. With its Halogen Bulb 12 volt/55 watt halogen bulb, it will deliver enough light that will help you to find your way in the dark. Get this motorcycle headlight and it will make your motorcycle to look better. The high surface of this product will give a better irradiation for more coverage. It must be mentioned that the headlight 7.75” and it will fit any casing that has this type of configuration.


– Works on most motorcycles

– Durable threads and lenses

– Power-efficient

– Long-lasting halogen bulbs

– Visible bright amber glow


– Relatively costly

7. Round LED Motorcycle Headlight High Low Beam

Do you have trouble looking for the best headlight which is waterproof? Worry no more, here is this motorcycle headlight which is waterproof and it will enable you to use regardless of the weather condition. The headlight is made to fit many Harley model with 7” headlight. The superior light output makes it suitable for night use since it will let you to clearly see what’s ahead of you. Even though the light is superior, you don’t have to frustrate yourself since it is a soft light.

The light will efficiently relieve driving fatigue and other drivers will clearly see you. The housing is also dustproof and this will let you to use the headlight even on dusty roads and afterwards you will not waste your time cleaning the headlight. The accurate beam pattern distribution coupled with precise fitment makes this motorcycle headlight must-have. Riders who are not handy when it comes to installation will like this item.

It has a plug and play design and this will let you to have a simple installation and you’re set to hit the road. The headlight comes with adapter and this will make installation time super easy. It is made to perfectly fit models with seven inch headlight such as Fat Boy, Road King CVO, Electra Glide, Heritage Softail Classic and more. Go with this model and it will give you more than decent illumination.


– Die-cast aluminum housing guarantees durability

– Has a lengthy lifespan of over 30,000 hours

– The headlight has upgraded PC lens surface with the best high light transmission

– Superior light output

– Plug and play design saves time when installing the headlight


– Some users may not like the included mount

8. Motorcycle 7″ LED Headlight for Harley Davidson Road King

Your 2006 XL883L will look great when you install this headlight on it. You will also like how everything will fit perfectly and look as if it was meant to be there. This headlight is designed to fit any Harley bikes with 7” headlight, and also 4.5 inch fog passing light. The headlight will cut through fog easily and this will allow motorist to see even in the murkiest of conditions. You’ll get risk-free lights from this item and its two-year quality warranty means you’re going to get frustration free services.

The great thing that every buyer will like about this product is the fact that it has a plug and play design. This will let users to install the headlight themselves and they’ll have that professional look. There are some models that may require an adapter to install the headlight. If you have 2014+ Harley Davidson Touring or Trike models, then you need to buy adapter before installing this headlight.

 Everyone wants the best headlight which is dust-proof, shake-proof and water-proof. Now, this headlight is made to be used every season regardless of the weather condition. This is the reliable model that will cover you during the rainy days. Since it is shake-proof, then you can use it even when the road is uneven and your motorcycle headlight will never fall off. It is the best product for anyone who wants a long-lasting light that is reliable.


– Simple installation due to its plug and play design

– It is shake-proof, dust-proof and water-proof

– Universal fit to most Harley Bikes with 7” headlight

– The product is DOT approved


– Some models will require adapter before installation

– Relatively costly

9.  LED Headlight 5-3/4 5.75 Complicate Harley Davidson

Do you want the best headlight for your motorcycle? Now, this headlight is well-made and has the highest brightness and it will cut through the night. The lens is made of polycarbonate making the headlight durable and hassle-free to maintain. It also worth mentioning that, the polycarbonate lens makes the headlight resistant to shocks and has IP67 waterproof rating. It is also waterproof and dustproof so you can use the headlight regardless of the weather conditions.

You will love the LED lamp since it produces a daylight color impression and it will even appear more natural to you. The headlight has instant on technology and this will give you added safety benefit, as well as, more time to react. With this headlight that offers a super bright light pattern, you’ll kiss goodbye dim poor lighting while riding and welcome a safe ride. Try this headlight which is not too powerful or blinding.

The built-in durable aluminum alloy housing, vibration resistant and shock-resistant will enable users to use the headlight for a long period without stress. Remember that the LED technology consumes less power compared to the standard incandescent lamps. The signature solid optics will give you premium performance each time you have the motorcycle headlight. This headlight will save you the cost frequent lamp replacement.


– Produces light which is crisp, white with a broad span

– Great visibility for rider and other drivers

– Hassle-free installation

– Lens is waterproof and dustproof


– It has a limited application

10. RGB HALO 5.75″  Motorcycle Headlight

Your motorcycle needs the best headlight which is bright but doesn’t consume a lot of power. Right here is this HALO Headlight with long life span and has low voltage protection. You will like its 50,000 hours lifespan because it will give you humble time before thinking of replacing the headlight. This is the best LED headlight that will last longer than the available headlights today. The built-in internal fan and the breathing vent make the headlight awesome and long-lasting. The powerful fan will keep the model cool while in use.

Don’t worry about the installation because this headlight has the plug and play design. You’ll only use one remote key to control your light. If you want a headlight with different colors, then HALO Headlight comes with seven main colors. You will use wireless remote to control the four buttons and the colors will make your motorcycle to look romantic and cool. This is a high-quality model that will never let you down in any circumstance.

The low voltage protection will let you to use the light colors without worrying about the performance of the headlight. The flashing settings will give you added safety on the road since other drivers will see. Integrated cooling system will make the headlight function longer than expected. The fade in and out lighting is great when drivers want to hangout and also impress their friends. This headlight will make your motorcycle unique. Don’t just think that headlight is just a headlight. Try HALOHeadlight and you’ll notice a great difference.


– Headlight has hassle-free installation with plug and play design

– Great light beam spread, as well as, coverage

– Clear white pattern and a good throw on the beam

– Low power consumption

– Weatherproof

– Has a lengthy lifespan of 50,000 hours

– Super durable housing


– Relatively costly

Final Verdict:

Motorists will be pleased with the great performances of the above LED motorcycle headlights. Actually, the above models are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear and their lenses are covered by unique finishes which prevent yellowing. The models comply with the requirements of road safety. Do yourself a favor today and order your best motorcycle led headlight from the above list and it will cover you throughout the night