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One of the easiest ways to safeguard your motorbike against theft is by getting the best motorcycle security chain.

It would be strange to know that someone would buy a motorbike and want it to be stolen, very strange. But that is exactly what most people mean when they leave their motorbikes without a chain lock.

An unchained motorcycle is very easy to cart away.

Our top pick motorcycle chain lock option is the Kryptonite New York Motorcycle Chain Lock and we are ready to tell you why.

The solid steel chain is portable and easy to carry around, nevertheless, its durability and stability are unmatched.

It is loaded with features that provide maximum security for your motorbike including a double deadbolt, armored padlocks, and more.

You can sit back and carefully browse through our review, we are certain that you would find some help.

Best Motorcycle Security Chain 2021

There are other features to consider as well, for example, if the chain is weatherproof, waterproof, corrosion-free, key lock, torch keys, and more. Nevertheless, to make your buying decision faster and easier below is a list of five of the best motorcycle security chains that are available and of high quality.

1. Kryptonite New York Chain Lock

  • Overall Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Size and Length: 3’ or 90cm, and the shackle is 16mm
  • Strength and Durability: Maximum and made with hardened steel, and armored shell for key lock system. It also has nylon coverings with straps to protect the chain.
  • Portability: A few reviews have mentioned it is portable, just on the heavier side. Therefore, it can be easily carried in a backpack during your ride.

The Kryptonite New York Legend chain is made with 15mm linkages that have a solid 3T Steel that is built to maximize bolt cutting resistance.

The padlock itself is armored and covered with a shell that holds a strong 16mm high end and quality performance steel obstruct that gives the buyer protection that is of the maximum quality.

To add additional protection and resistance, the New York Kryptonite Legend includes a double deadbolt to cast off any type of twist incidents.

The cylinder is made to enforce high security and has a disk-style cylinder.

The chain is also covered with nylon and there are two straps on the end to hold it in place for weathering and theft.

This product includes three “I” keys that are made also of steel and it moves into a key safety program.

Pros: This is made with 15mm linkages that have a solid 3T Steel, the padlock is armored, the size is 3’ or 90cm, and the shackle is 16mm

Cons: There are three keys, but not one that has a microlight.

2. Kryptonite Lock Chain

  • Overall Weight: 15.25 pounds
  • Size and Length: 5’ or 150cm, and the shackle is 15mm
  • Strength and Durability: The strength of this product is rated maximum and includes a steel shackle and steel crossbar to enforce the products anti-theft resistance.
  • Portability: This product can be heavy to just carry around; however, it can be easily put into a carry-on bag for easier transportation. Since it is heavier, it does provide additional security for your motorcycle.

The Kryptonite New York Fahegettaboudit is one of the best-chosen lock and chains that are available on the market today. It falls right in line with the New York Legend; however, it has a few different types of features.

It is made of the well-known 3T steel that is manufactured to be the strongest anti-theft resistance for lock and chains.

The locking system itself holds a 15mm shackle made to hold an intense amount of strength. To top that off this product comes with a “Patented oval hardened Steel crossbar.”

Similar to the Kryptonite Legend, it also has a double featured deadbolt that features bolt cutting and drilling resistance against theft.

There is a nylon dusting and weatherproofing cover with straps to hold it down. The product comes with three keys, and one is made specifically to use at night.

It has a light with a luminous bulb that is powered by a battery that is easily replaceable.

The key fits perfectly into a key safety program. There are additional features that you can obtain, such as registration for theft protection coverage from the brand itself.

There is more than meets the eye with this product. It is fully manufactured to be a strong motorcycle security chain and lock.

Pros: This is made of the well-known 3T steel, and has a nylon dusting and weatherproofing cover. It also comes with three keys and one has a microlight, and a “Patented oval hardened Steel crossbar.” The size is 5’ or 150cm and the shackle is 15mm.

Cons: This product is much heavier than a few of the others at 15.25 pounds. It may require a heavy-duty backpack to carry it around while you are traveling.

3. Kryptonite New York Noose Chain Lock

  • Overall Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Size and Length: 2.5’ or 75cm and a shackle of 14mm
  • Strength and Durability: The strength of this product is also at maximum performance. Since it holds a locking system with three keys and a dusting cover, it makes the product more durable for use.
  • Portability: This product is a lot easier to move around. However, it still holds weight, but it is shorter than other motorcycle security chains, it can be carried around in a bag behind your back as your travel down the road.

Kryptonite has been known for its maximum style motorcycle security chains. This particular product has a new style feature of the noose fittings, or also called the cinch loops.

With this innovative style, there are fewer amounts of chain that needs to be added, however, it is still one of the best on the market.

There is a nylon covering that fits perfectly around the product allowing it to have additional weathering covering and theft protection.

The covering has straps to hold it down, so it makes it harder to move for unwanted guests.

The locking system is security-driven and manufactured. It holds a four-disc lock that also has a 14mm shackle.

Since the manufacturers are proud to be one of the best on the market, they follow the same steel makings as some of their other products.

This one, however, is built slightly differently and is a little smaller, but just as strong. Since it is smaller, it is easier to carry and easier to put around the motorcycle wheels or an immovable object to hold it down.

There are three keys and one that has the capabilities of lighting up with a light that is powered by a battery that can be replaced.

Pros: This product is made in an innovative style, has a nylon covering, holds a four-disc lock that also has a 14mm shackle, and has three keys, one with a microlight. It also is only 7.1 pounds.

Cons: The chain is shorter at 2.5’ or 75cm, compared to the other products; therefore, it might not fit on all motorcycles.

4. Abus Granit Security Chain lock

  • Overall Weight: 10.15 pounds
  • Size and Length: 12mm x 140cm
  • Strength and Durability: This product is unique because of its durability. Not only does it have a two in one locking style system, but it also can be used to add as a disc brake lock. It can also be used for quick stops. The strength of the product is reasonable, and it also the users to add it to immovable objects with little to no stress.
  • Portability: Because this product is only ten pounds, it can be easily transported in a carry-on bag.

This product is one of the more costly choices on this list; however, it holds a strong security system that is fantastic for any motorcycle user.

This product can be used on not only motorcycles but also scooters and bikes.

There are a few different types of combination uses that you can use, and the motorcycle security chain has the ability to be utilized for brief stopping.

It has a few features that can be used for a breaking disc lock or a chain locking mechanism.

There is a cloth covering to help prevent weathering as anti-theft occurrences. It is a lighter weight product, which makes it easier to transport for a wide range of activities.

Pros: The Abus can be used on not only motorcycles but also scooters and bikes, used for a breaking disc lock or a chain locking mechanism, and has a cloth covering. The size is 12mm x 140cm and only 10.15 pounds.

Cons: This product is one of the more costly choices, but it can be transported a lot easier than the others.

5. ONGUARD Beast Motorcycle Chain Lock

  • Overall Weight: Around 15.5 pounds
  • Size and Length: 3.5’ chain and a 16.8mm shackle
  • Strength and Durability:

This product is thicker than most other chains, therefore allows a high-quality strength capability.

It does provide a covering for the chain and lock for additional protection, and a four key grip hold to make the product more durable for use.

  • Portability:

This product is one of the heavier items on this list, however, sometimes the heavier a motorcycle chain is, means it will be harder to break and steal your bike.

It would be wise to put it in a strong backpack to carry around and secure it as soon as you stop to prevent any potential crime that could occur in the area.

The ONGUARD Beast motorcycle chain and the lock are made with titanium and manufactured with chain locks.

It features an X4P Boxer shackle that is shorter than other products, but it has the strength to uphold its value.

The key locking system provides four times the strength with five laser-cut keys. There are also four keys that have a microlight installed that induced a blinding white light when activated.

The U-style lock can also be used as a braking lock device for those that are in high crime areas and need quick transport.

Pros: This features an X4P Boxer shackle, locking system provides four times the strength, it also comes with five laser keys, four of which have a microlight installed. It includes a four-key grip hold for additional protection. The size is a 3.5’ chain with a 16.8mm shackle.

Cons: The product chain is thicker than most and it also has a lot of weight sitting at 15.50 pounds. It may require a stronger backpack to carry it around.

Facts On Theft And A Motorcycle Security Chain

Most people who buy a motorcycle do not want it to be taken, and to be honest, without a lock and chain, it can be done easily. All the thieves have to do is pick it up and put it into a trailer or a large van and then drive off. 

The sad part is that a thief does not even have to know how to ride your motorcycle, as they can just make a clean getaway without having to turn it on. Therefore, more people are coming to the awareness of finding new and innovative ways to secure their bikes.

This can be done fast and easily with the best motorcycle lock chain that fits perfectly with your motorcycle.

A good quality motorcycle lock chain can stop someone from stealing your bike and picking it off the ground. 

Most people who are interested in getting a solid security chain will notice that the chain is hardened. They will measure more than 12mm in thickness because anything less can and will be easily broken with a few resourceful tools.

Therefore, in order to stop a thief from gaining access to your motorcycle, find a security chain that can uphold its value.

What To Look For In A Quality Motorcycle Security Chain

The best motorcycle lock and chain can be easily found in a variety of places. However, not all of them are of quality value. Therefore, in order to find a lock and chain that can withstand multiple types of theft would be to consider the following: Size, Length, Weight, Strength, Durability, and Portability. You can also include the price.

However, if you base your decision on the types mentioned above, you will be in a better condition for a quality anti-theft motorcycle lock and chain.

Here are a few key details to be on the lookout for in a quality motorcycle security chain and lock:

  • Chains:

To find a quality chain you should look for a well-known brand that manufactures chains with the best material. For example, Kryptonite, ON GUARD, and Abus are all fantastic brands that hold quality value in each of their motorcycle lock chains. 

Another good note about chains would be the thickness of the chain itself. The thicker the chain is; the less chance a thief will have to steal your motorcycle with bolt cutters or drills.

  • Locks: 

No matter if you have a strong chain, it will not matter if your lock is made small and cheap. Therefore, in order to find a quality lock for your motorcycle security chain, it is wise to find one that comes it its own locking system or a key safety program. 

It is also a good idea to find one that offers multiple keys and possibly a key that can light up when it is dark outside. The locking system should be just as reliable and dependable as the chain itself.

  • Weight and Size:

This matters greatly to those who are on the go as well as those who are in high crime areas. If you have a chain, that is heaver, it will be harder to transport, and however, it will be harder to cut through. 

In regards to the size of the motorcycle security chains, it can depend on your motorcycle and the areas to choose to lock your motorcycles. You will want to make sure it fits snugly around the immovable object and the bike itself to be harder to steal. 

There are many different choices for weights and sizes on motorcycle security chains on the market to choose from. 

The best tip to figure out what one would be a good fit for you would be to take a shoestring or a cord and measure the approximate size that will fit your motorcycle the best. 

If you were one that is looking for a lighter-weight motorcycle security chain, then finding one that is smaller, but just as strong would be ideal. It would be also a good idea to find one that has multiple use capabilities, like a disc brake lock option.

How To Use A Lock And Chain

In order for the best motorcycle security chain to efficiently work it should be put through the frame instead of your wheel. Wheels are easy to remove, and if the chain is put through the frame, the thief will have a harder time sealing the motorcycle.

Once you have put the chain through the frame, you will need to make sure there is no slack. It needs to be tight or it will be more exposed to bolt cutters or even wedge attacks. 

A realistic fact about the chains is that they are known for their deterrent capabilities. When a thief recognizes that there is a chain of quality standards, most of them will usually look elsewhere because the chains cause more unwanted attention and are harder to break than one that does not have a chain.

In all consideration, a thief will be able to get away faster with a motorcycle without a chain versus one that has one installed. 

Another great tip to think about would be the placement of your motorcycle. If you place your motorcycle in a well-lit area and lock it to an immovable object, it will be more secure.

As long as you place your motorcycle security chain to a non-movable part on the bike, it can prevent roll-away theft from occurring.

Pick The Best Motorcycle Security Chain

In conclusion, there are many different things to consider when you are seeking out quality and the best chain lock for motorcycles. You can consider the size, length, weight, strength, durability, portability, and more to finalize your decision. 

Finding a motorcycle security chain can provide you with security and caution against those that are looking to steal your motorcycle.

By following a few of the tips mentioned on how to use the motorcycle lock chains mentioned above, you will also have easier install capabilities to get the motorcycle locked fast and effectively. 

Therefore, do not hesitate and take a look at the product mentioned above to see what one will be the best fit for you and your motorcycle now, you will not regret it.

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