10 Best Motorcycle Alarms Review( Updated 2019) And Buying Guide

Do you value and cherish your motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter? If you answered yes to this question, then you already know that safeguarding these rides is crucial, more importantly, if you have to park them somewhere once in a while. While most cyclers opt to use a motorcycle security chain with lock, you and I know that this is not the best way to safeguard a motorcycle from theft.

Therefore, this means that you ought to go a step further and adopt a motorcycle alarm system. Unlike the standard security chains, motorcycle alarms house robust sirens which emit an alarm designed to scare thieves away and even attract public attention so that you can be sure to keep the bad guys away.

The only question that you are left to answer is; which are the best motorcycle alarm system on the market owing to the various model on the market? To help you narrow down to a motorcycle security system designed to meet your needs, below is a review of the top 10 motorcycle alarms in 2019. Keep reading as you look forward to eliminating the potential theft of your ride for once and for all.

10 Best Motorcycle Alarms Review In Details- Editors Pick

1. Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm

Are you a serious motorcycle enthusiast looking forward to protecting your ride? If so, this motorcycle alarm has got you covered. The alarm features an ultra-compact design making it easy to carry along. Besides the small size, the alarm parks a powerful siren with a 120-decibel rating. This makes it a perfect choice for persons looking for an alarm that loud enough despite the long-range distance.

The alarm includes a 2-way pager designed to receive signals while standing ½ miles away. The pager features an LED screen so that you can monitor the function of the alarm while standing from ½ miles away. You can expect this alarm system to keep your bike safe in all instances, thanks to the three powerful sensors. These sensors include a current sensor, tilt sensor, and a 2-stage shock sensor.

The current sensor detects the change in the voltage of the battery enabling it to trigger the alarm once the bike is started. On the other hand, the tilt sensor detects a change in the angle enabling it to trigger the alarm when the motorcycle is moved from its side. Lastly, the 2-stage shock sensor includes a siren designed to give a warn-away chirp when a light impact is detected and a full trigger when a larger impact is detected.

Highlighted features

1. A 3-button remote control enhances ease of operation.

2. LED warning light provides a visual deterrent against theft and indicates when the alarm is armed.

3. Three sensors guarantee safety by protecting the motorcycle from different types of thefts.


• A direct-to-battery installation design makes the alarm easy to install without the need for special tools.

• Waterproof construction makes the alarm suitable for outdoor environments.

• The alarm offers the ability to select from an audible beeping sound and vibration alerts.

• The alarm is audible enough to alert you when you are standing at a long-distance range.


• The user manual doesn’t explain the functions effectively.

• The wiring harness is a little bit short for use with some motorcycles.

2. Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm – SRX-900 – Hands-Free Motorcycle Alarm

Introducing the Scorpio motorcycle alarm, this is an alarm system that allows for an automatic or manual arm or disarm. Because of this, you can benefit from the reliability of using a motorcycle alarm system since it is upon you to decide how to use it. Besides that, the alarm comes with a smart remote with alerts. Hence, you can be sure to benefit from a hands-free operation.

The alarm features a 125db multi-tone siren which means that it is loud enough to alert you of a possible theft even when standing at a long distance range. Further, its remote allows for real-time alerts up to ½ miles which means that you can have an idea of the current situation of the bike while standing at a long range.

The alarm system is easy to install since it comes with a 3-wire universal install harness. Also, it is reliable to use even after a low battery due to the battery backup system and the battery-disabled sensor. The unit includes a shock sensor which triggers the alarm in the case of an impact on the motorcycle. On top of that is a tilt accelerometer sensor that triggers the alarm when there is a change in the angle of the bicycle placement.

Besides the included accessories, you can opt to get the alarm system with optional accessories such as the remote ignition disable which disables the ignition of the motorcycle once the alarm is triggered. Furthermore, you can opt to get a perimeter sensor when you do not want people to get too close to the bike. OEM integration kits are other optional accessories designed to ensure a fast installation of the alarm system.

Highlighted features

1. 3-wire universal install harness guarantees easy installation.

2. 125db multi-tone siren assures you that the alarm can deliver a loud sound.

3. Shock and tilt accelerometer sensor trigger the alarm in case the motorcycle is interfered with.


• The alarm system doesn’t drain the battery fast due to the ultra-low power consumption design.

• The system is easy to install.

• It is loud enough to alert someone at a distance.


• Certain users complain that the remote control comes in a low battery.

3. Scorpio Alarm SR-i800S RFID Security System Universal

Another Scorpio product is this RFID security system. The fact that it adopts an RFID hands-free technology makes it a great choice when you need the convenience of a hands-free operation. Besides that, the alarm provides for an automatic or manual arming and disarming to enhance convenience and reliability during operation.

The alarm system features a built-in 120db multi-tone siren which enables it to deliver an audible alarm at all times. Further, it features a built-in battery backup system that allows the alarm to sound even when the wires are cut. The smart battery safeguard that includes a sleep mode feature is another addition to guarantee a long-lasting battery time operation.

Besides getting the alarm system with the included accessories, you can opt to purchase other optional accessories including OEM connectors designed to enhance a fast and clean installation. Also, you can decide to buy a programmable multi-stage perimeter sensor that detects motion around the bicycle. The ignition disable is another optional accessory designed to cripple the motorcycle’s electrical system so that it doesn’t ignite in the case of a tempted attempt to start it.

Highlighted features

1. Shock sensors detect impacts on the motorcycle and trigger the alarm in the case of low or high impacts.

2. A tilt sensor detects when the motorcycle’s parking angle is interfered with and triggers the alarm in the case of any change.

3. Waterproof remote transceiver makes the alarm system suitable when used in outdoor environments.


• A compact size allows the user to carry the alarm system anywhere.

• The flashing lights act as a visual deterrent against theft.

• The system is easy to install.

• The sensors are very sensitive which makes the product worth purchasing.


• The user manual doesn’t [provide adequate guidance for starters.

4. Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate lock

Benefit from a whole new kind of motorcycle security once you purchase the Nulock keyless motorcycle alarm system. The system connects to any smartphone or mobile device via the Bluetooth technology allowing for a keyless operation. Once you decide to adopt this system, all you need to do is to download the NuLock app in your mobile device so that you can get the notifications related to the current condition of the alarm system.

The keyless lock features a robust design where it features 7 braided steel cables. Each cable features a 47” length and 19 braids of steel enabling it to offer greater resistance to clipping. Besides that, the braided steel is combined with rust-protective vinyl to increase resistance to breakage and thus enhance a long-lasting performance.

The alarm system can deliver a 110-db sound which not only attracts the public’s attention but also drives away thieves. Besides using the lock to protect motorcycles, you can use it to lock gates, outdoor furniture, emergency generator, commercial garbage receptacles, propane tanks, patio grills, and other items that require protection.

Highlighted features

1. IP44 waterproof design makes the lock suitable for use in outdoor environments.

2. 3AAA deliver a long-lasting battery performance.

3. A low battery indicator feature in the NuLock App warns you when the battery power is less than 20%.


• The alarm system delivers a loud noise which scares away thieves.

• The battery offers a lasting performance.

• Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store.


• The directions aren’t well translated in English.

• The vibration alarm doesn’t work when you connect the phone to the device. (However, the manufacturer has this point stated in the product’s features.)

5. Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm

On the fifth position is an alarm system from WSDCAM. The motorcycle security system is a vibrational-triggered alarm system that is designed for use with motorcycles, electric bikes, doors, and windows. It features seven levels of adjustable sensitivity which range from a gentle touch to a push or beat. You can expect the alarm system to deter thieves effectively due to the 113db loud alarm that effectively scares the thieves.

The alarm is made using an IP55 waterproof PC material shell so that it can withstand light showers. Further, the alarm system is equipped with a double sided sticker which allows you to paste to on the item you are protecting and tie it with a strap. The alarm system requires 3AA alkaline batteries while the remote requires a 12V/27A alkaline battery. Once you get the alarm system, you can be sure to set a ringtone of your choice since the system provides for six different ringtones.

Highlighted features

1. A wireless range of 10 to 20meters allows a user to operate the alarm system from a long-range distance using the included remote.

2. 113db alarm produces a loud noise enabling the alarm system to scare thieves away.

3. Low battery indicator allows the user to have an idea of when it is time to replace the battery.


• The alarm system comes with the batteries required for use with the alarm and the remote.

• An SOS function makes it easy for you to call for help when the battery tilts at more than 45 degrees.

• The alarm system can pair with up to 8 remotes.

• It allows a user to select the ringtone of preference.

• The alarm delivers a surprisingly loud sound that scares thieves away.


• Most users complain about unclear instructions.

6. RUPSE Waterproof Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Security Burglar Alarm System

Next, we have RUPSE anti-theft security burglar alarm system. The system adopts an automatic remote to enhance a keyless guarding against theft and robbery. More to that, the system includes a 125db powerful horn alarm which enables it to deliver a loud alarm so that it can deter thieves away. The unit is made using ABS to enhance durability. Also, it features a waterproof silicone which makes it a perfect choice for use in outdoor areas.

The alarm system adopts an ultra-low power consumption enabling it to deliver reliable performance. Further, it offers five sensitivity levels which make it useful when used in different environments. You can be sure to have your alarm system protected from burglars since it adopts a dynamic password that is safe from people who might want to steal it or copy it. The system’s remote control doubles as a flashlight which means that you can use it to light up a low-light area during an emergency.

Highlighted features

1. The remote control doubles as a light source.

2. Five sensitivity levels allow you to customize the alarm’s functioning.

3. 125db powerful horn alarm delivers a sound that is loud enough to attract public attention.

4. Double-sided adhesive tape ensures easy installation.


• The alarm system delivers a super loud noise.

• The system is easy to install.

• It features a durable design.


• The double-sided tape doesn’t stick well.

7. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Protect your precious ride using YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock. The lock features a metal construction and an aluminum alloy to guarantee strength and durability. Further, it features a portable design and delivers up to 110db once the bicycle is interfered making it effective when you want to scare thieves away.

The disc lock comes with three keys making it suitable for use on bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters. More to that, it features a 6mm locking pin that enables you to use it on bikes that feature up to 6mm disc brakes. The 6mm locking pin also allows the user to set it at 360degrees and disassemble it from any position to guarantee easy installation.

Highlighted features

1. A dust-proof lid aids in keeping ice away during winter.

2. A reminder cable is designed to attach to the clutch or brake when you leave the motorcycle.

3. A portable carrying bag makes the disc brake lock easy to carry.

4. An Allen key allows you to replace the batteries without help.


• The system comes with two sets of batteries.

• Waterproof design makes the system suitable for use in outdoor environments.

• The alarm system features a heavy-duty aluminum alloy to guarantee durability.

• It is easy to set up.

• The alarm delivers a loud sound designed to deter thieves.


• The system is too sensitive such that it triggers the alarm because of bad weather.

8. Dowco Guardian 26038-00 Integrated Motorcycle Cover Security Alarm System

Bring any potential theft into attention once you install the DOWCO guardian security alarm system to your motorcycle. The system emits a 130decibel alarm when one interferes with it enabling it to frighten thieves. It is compatible with Weather All Plus covers so that you can drop it into any of the sewn-in pockets so that you can take it with you wherever it is needed. The alarm system is powered by a 9-volt battery. It doesn’t require any special wiring which assures you of getting a motorcycle alarm system that is easy to install.

Highlighted features

1. 130decibel alarm aids in attracting public attention while scaring away thieves.


• The alarm system is easy to install and remove.

• It delivers a loud sound which attracts public attention.


• The system doesn’t come with the 9-volt battery.

9. BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System

Hinder thieves from your motorbike once you equip it with this motorcycle alarm system. The system includes a 125db powerful siren enabling it to deliver a loud alarm designed to warn potential thieves. In addition to that, it delivers a flashing-lights warning designed to act as a visual deterrent against theft. You can arm or disarm the alarm system remotely, thanks to the included remote controllers. Furthermore, the alarm comprises an adjustable shock sensor which detects any form of impact enabling it to discourage people from going near it.

Highlighted features

1. An adjustable shock sensor allows you to customize the system to sound the alarm after a gentle touch or a push.

2. Anti-hijacking feature cuts off the power supply so that the motorcycle doesn’t ignite in case of attempted theft.

3. 125db powerful siren delivers a loud alarm to deter thieves.


• The alarm system comes with two remote controllers.

• It delivers a loud alarm that makes it suitable for long distances.

• The alarm system works with 12/24volt batteries.


• Arm/disarm volume isn’t adjustable.

10. MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock, Anti-theft Motorcycle Motorbike Alarm Disc Lock

A practical solution for riders who want to keep their motorcycles safe when they are parked outside is the MYSBIKER disc brake lock. The lock features an enclosed 6-feet disc lock reminder cable that reminds you to remove the lock to prevent potential damage as a result of riding when the disc lock is engaged.

Besides that, the lock houses a 110db alarm that activates upon any form of vibration and shock so that you can be sure to keep your bicycle safe from potential theft. You can expect the disc brake lock to last for long, thanks to the forged stainless steel design that is secured with a carbide-reinforced hardened steel locking pin.

Highlighted features

1. Waterproof design assures you that the lock is safe to use during rainy days.

2. LR44 batteries ensure reliable performance.

3. 110db siren enables the unit to deliver a loud alarm in case of any theft attempts.


• The alarm system comes with 6extra battery pieces and three pieces of brass security keys.

• It delivers a loud sound that keeps thieves away.

• The lock delivers a loud beep when you close the locking mechanism so that you can know that the alarm is active.

• It is easy to install.


• The unit is quite heavy.

How to choose the best motorcycle alarm system

  • Alarm power: The first thing you will want to consider is the power of the alarm which is measured in decibels. The decibel rating helps you have an idea of how loud the alarm can sound. So, if you will be leaving your bicycle away and at a big distance range, then you might want to get an alarm system with a high decibel rating. On the other hand, if you plan to be parking it in the proximity of your home, you will be good to go with an alarm system that delivers a medium sound level.
  • Ease of use: Are you usually concerned with having to operate complicated gadgets? If yes, you should go for a model that is easy to operate. For instance, opt for a bicycle alarm system that comes with a remote that provides for two buttons, where you can use one to turn the alarm on or off and the other for setting other parameters.
  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on a motorcycle alarm system? Motorcycle alarms come in a range of prices which range from $10 to $100. Therefore, start with determining what you need your motorcycle alarm system to feature, and once you have pointed out some models that include these features, look for a unit that comes within your price range.
  • Battery life: Motorcycle alarm systems drain the battery after some time of use. Hence, you will need to factor in the reliability of the battery since you do not want to buy a system that drains the battery fast when you are looking for a unit that will be reliable even after hours of use.

Final Verdict

We all know that motorcycles and scooters are easy to steal due to their small sizes. However, does this mean that we should leave as a target for determined thieves? Absolutely not. For this reason, I urge you to include any of the reviewed product in your cart today and take a measure to protect your precious ride. As you do this also, do not forget that there are a variety of motorcycle alarms all featuring different features. Therefore, be sure to apply the provided buyer’s guide, and rest assured to purchase a motorcycle alarm system that is designed to meet your needs.