Best Motorcycle Alarms (anti theft ) 2021 – Reviews

Best Motorcycle Alarms

Motorcycle alarms are quite different from the regular motorcycle chains, with the major difference being that the alarms come with loud sirens that bad boys don’t like to hear.

With the best motorcycle alarms, you can confidently pack your motorbike at designated spaces provided for it, knowing that your bike is safe, so long as the siren does not screech.

We guess you own a motorbike or you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you value your motorcycle and you don’t want to lose it anytime soon, you should consider getting good motorcycle alarms.

What is the best motorcycle alarm? How can I get it?

We seek to answer your questions by in a detailed review of our 10 best motorcycle alarms, pointing out their standout features alongside their pros and cons.

Our first and best option in this category is the Yohoolyo disc motorcycle padlock.

It is a top-notch security system that is built to last with rust-resistant and water-resistant features. It is easy to use and also features an accurate motion sensor.

More importantly, it features a super-loud security sound that is audible even from a very far distance. With all these and more, the alarm is super-affordable and we love it.

We bet you want to know more. Check out our list, you are sure to find one that you would love.

The Best Motorcycle Alarms 2021

Below is a review of the top ten motorbike alarms that can keep your cherished or valued bike safe.

#1. YOHOOLYO Disc Alarm

Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock is a motorcycle security system from YOHOOLYO. The anti-theft device is made of metal that gives it durability and sturdiness.

It is one of the loudest systems you can get on the market today as it can provide a sound that reaches 110 dB. Another feature is the seven millimeters locking pin that lets you set it at 360-degree.    

And the best part is you can set this alarm in any position you want to suit your specific needs. There are two keys to unlocking it when the time comes to ride your motorbike.

The best part is that you can use this alarm for all your needs, including locking your scooters, bicycles, and motorbikes. You can also use it to secure any car that has spokes or holes on the wheel.

Its motion sensor can sense thieves within five seconds to ensure that they get no time to disable it. Moreover, the model is weather-resistant, rust-resistant, and cannot be destroyed physically. 

The package contains two keys, one motorcycle disc lock, and one Allen key. The Allen key comes in handy if you want to unscrew the four screws at the back of the lock.

Another thing that makes it a top-quality model is the friendly price that ensures you don’t use a lot of money when buying it.


  • Comes with an accurate motion sensor
  • The alarm is quite loud
  • Easy to lock your motorbike


  • Experienced criminals can disable this system

#2. WSDCAM Alarm

If you are looking for an alarm for a motorcycle that you can use to lock windows, doors, bikes, and other things, this is the model for you. Its multipurpose ability means that you get value for your money when you choose this unit.

The model comes with seven-level adjustable sensitivity that lets you choose how it reacts to intruders. That enables the alarm to produce a sound when it is gently pushed, or someone tries to knock it off.

It can quickly produce a deterring sound of up to 113 dB, meaning you can hear it from a distance. You can also choose the sound it will produce by choosing from its six kinds of bells.

What that means is that you can easily find your motorbike. Another great feature of this alarm is the IP55 waterproof material shell. It makes it an ideal system for use, even when it is raining.

When it comes to installation, you can quickly achieve that by tying it with a strap or pasting with a double-sided sticker. That gives you the freedom to let you choose the method that suits your needs.   

The system is also made of durable material that gives it the durability and reliability you want in security gear. It is the only motorcycle alarm system you will ever buy for your motorbike.


  • Waterproof alarm system
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Produces loud sound to deter thieves


  • Mainly for bicycles

#3. BlueFire Alarm System

Choosing the best motorcycle alarm system is not an easy process, but you cannot go wrong with the BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System. It is a device that works with all motorbikes that use 12V batteries and won’t drain it.

It comes with a remote controller that enables you to keep your bike away from potential thieves. That allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your motorcycle is safe no matter where you are.

Another great feature of the unit is the ability to start the engine automatically. It also comes with an adjustable shock sensor that helps to prevent any form of breakage that can occur from a knock.  

The gear also comes with lights that flash when the alarm goes off to keep the thieves away. And you can hear it from a distance thanks to the 125 dB of noise it produces.

It is also an anti-hijacking system that cuts the power in case of anything. You can easily hide this alarm away to ensure that no thief sees it before trying to steal your motorbike.

The system also lasts for years, even under harsh conditions, because it is made of quality material. It is also straightforward to install the gadget, and it comes with an installation guide.

It is a great model that you should consider getting to secure your motorcycle.


  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Easy to install and comes with a guide


  • Slightly more expensive

#4. Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm

The first feature that should make you want to consider buying the Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm is the ultra-compact design. It is, therefore, a model that you can carry around with ease, meaning you can lock your motorbike no matter where you go.

Despite the small size, the system produces up to 120 dB of noise to alert you and prevent thieves from hacking it. That makes it an ideal system for a person who wants an alarm that can be heard indoors.

Another feature is the two-way pager design that lets you receive signals while 0.5 miles away. The pager comes with an LED screen that lets you monitor your motorbike without heading out of your home.

As a motorcycle motion sensor alarm, you can rest assured that it will keep your motorbike safe around the clock. These sensors are two-stage shock, tilt, and current sensors.

The current one detects any change in power of the battery and activates the alarm when your bike is turned on. Next, the tilt sensor detects an angle change to alert you when your bike starts to move.

Lastly, the shock helps to prevent any beating to the system to ensure that thieves don’t break it. There is also a three-button remote control that makes it easier to use the system.


  • Comes with three types of sensors
  • Waterproof construction to prevent rust
  • Can provide vibration alerts or a beeping sound


  • The user manual is not clear

#5. Xena Disc-Lock Alarm

Xena XX10-SS Disc-Lock Alarm for Motorcycle is a tried and tested system that provides the security you desire. It is a double-locking disk that locks your bike with ultra-high steel that won’t last any time soon.

That steel lasts longer in all conditions and is resistant to water and other harsh climates. Another feature of the model is the ten millimetres carbide-reinforced pin that adds to the safety of your motorcycle.

What that means is that you can be confident that the system won’t snap or bend under stress. Besides, if you go through different motorcycle alarm system reviews, you can release that it comes with a crucial freeze-resistant barrel.

The model also has movement and shock sensors that alert you in case a person tries to beat the lock. Its noise level is on the per with the best motorbike alarms today as it gives a 120 dB sound. 

And it is one of the lightest motorbike alarms you can get today – it weighs just 616 grams. That lets you move around with it without feeling the pressure of additional weight.

The lock boasts of a built-in Lithium battery that powers it for months. You can be confident of getting the right protection even when the battery is about to die.

It also an affordable system that was made for the budget-conscious user.


  • Has movement and shock sensors
  • A weather-resistant model
  • Made of strong steel material


  • Highly sensitive – produces false alarms

#6. Tchipie Disc Lock Motorcycle Alarm

All motorcycle alarm reviews state that the best model should be responsive and loud to prevent thieves from removing it. That is what you get if you choose the Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock Anti-Theft Motorcycle Wheel Padlock.

It does all that and more, and the best part is that you don’t need to break a bank to afford it. The system gives you value for your money while offering the high security you desire to protect your motorcycle.

It also comes with excellent features like a storage bag and an extra battery. You can use the bag to carry it around while on the go while the additional battery ensures the lock is always ready for use.

One thing you should note is that this is a high value buy that can provide you with the protection that you desire. It comes in a bright red color that notifies the criminals from a distance that your motorcycle is locked.

What that means is that it prevents the thieves from trying to steal your bike even before they touch it. The noise level of this system can reach up to 100 dB, which is a broad reach for its price.

It is also effortless to install the motorcycle alarm – you don’t need to seek professional help or waste a lot of time.


  • The package has two spare keys
  • Can easily be spotted from a distance
  • Able to lock the wheel


  • Not the loudest in this review

#7. MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Lock

There are different types of motorcycle alarm systems on the market today, and one great model is the MYSBIKER Alarm Motorcycle Lock. It is a unique unit that provides up to 110dB to alert you when you are far.

The bike locks up automatically goes off when it senses shock or vibration to keep your ride safe. Unlike most alarms here, this is a visible system that thieves can see from a distance to keep off your motorcycle. 

There is also a six-foot disc lock reminder cable that attaches to the clutch or brake lever. It alerts you to remove the lock before starting your motorcycle to prevent it from getting damaged.

Another thing about the system is the ease of locking it with just a one-touch operation. You can hear a beep sound once the lock is engaged to be sure that it is active.

It is a model that you can use for most machines like choppers, cruisers, scooters, sports bikes, motorcycles, and racing bikes. The system is quite durable and is made of stainless steel material that doesn’t rust under harsh climatic conditions.

Moreover, the lock comes with six LR44 batteries and six extra ones that run for years. You can also find it to be easy to replace these cells when the time comes.


  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Easy to activate the alarm
  • Made of stainless steel material


  • Thieves can easily spot it

#8. UOLOR Alarm Disc Lock

UOLOR Alarm Disc Look Anti-Theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock is a system that protects your motorbike from thieves. It is a model that you can use at home as it produces a loud noise of 110dB.

The unit has a sensitive movement shock sensor that activates the sound if it vibrates to threaten thieves. What that means is you can be confident that your belongings remain safe while on your motorcycle.

It is also straightforward to lock the alarm with a simple press of a button. You only need to push the button with the “beep,” and your motorbike will be closed.

That is not all since the system comes with an enclosed five-foot disc lock reminder cable that ensures you unlock your bike before starting it.

You can also see the lock clearly due to its orange color, and this hue also helps to deter thieves from approaching your motorcycle. One factor that makes it a functional unit is the six internal zinc batteries that power its.

The package also comes with six backup batteries that ensure your system always gets the power to keep your bike safe. There is also a pouch for carrying the lock and an Allen key that disassembles the lock.

Moreover, the system lasts long thanks to the high-quality steel body and the smooth surface that prevents rusting.


  • Waterproof lock that lasts long
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Visible from a distance


  • Slightly heavy

#9. Dowco Guardian Alarm

Dowco Guardian 26038-00 is a unit that you can clip onto your motorbike to keep it safe from thieves. It activates a loud noise of up to 130 dB in case someone tries to steal your motorcycle.

Another notable feature is the unique pin system that makes it hard for a thief to disable the system. You can quickly get the person when trying to steal your bike since it takes time.

Another notable feature is the installation that you can do without any hassle. That is all possible due to its simple design and the user manual that helps you secure your bike instantly.

The system also comes with a 9V battery that can power it for a long, and you don’t need to add any wire. What you should note is that this system is mainly used as an extra layer of protection for motorcycles.

You also don’t need to worry about the price since it is one of the most affordable alarms out there. It is also weatherproof, meaning that it is not affected by water, sun, or any other harsh condition.


  • Has a nine volts battery
  • Easy to install without prior knowledge
  • Very affordable model


  • Not quite durable

#10. Bibowa Disc Motorcycle Alarm Lock

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock is a super alarm that comes in a compact design but produces an intense noise. It boasts of a 6mm pin diameter that enables it to fit small holes and is dual reinforced to give it a long life.

Besides, it is waterproof to ensure that it continues to work even if your motorcycle is rained on. That also provides that the system won’t start to last due to water vapor.

One feature that makes it ideal for locking bikes is the broken disc locks that are hardened to prevent chisel, sawing, and cutting attacks. You also get a free reminder cable that notifies you to unlock the motorbike before you start time. 

The lock is pre-fitted with six LR44 batteries that give it enough power to last for long. There are also six extra batteries and three brass security keys.

You can use this system for multiple purposes, such as for locking a racing bike, scooter, sportbike, chopper, cruiser, and motorcycles. That means you can be sure you will get value for your money if you choose this system.

It is also straightforward to install the motorcycle alarm – you can do that within minutes.


  • Has a reminder cable
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Hard to cut, saw, or chisel


  • Breaks down easily

Buying Guide of Best Motorcycle Alarm

You cannot just go online and choose the first motorcycle alarm that you come across. That is why our buying guide has all the factors that you need to consider when buying the best motorcycle alarm for your bike.

  • Features that Matter

The first factor that you should watch out for is the alarm’s power. It is given in decibels (dB) and is visible on the package.

For instance, a 60 dB alarm can be ideal for a motorbike that is within your home compound. Thus, if you intend to leave your motorcycle far away, you should consider getting an alarm with at least 100 dB.

Next, if you are bothered by complicated devices, choose a system that comes with straightforward settings and is easy to use. That means getting a bike alarm that has few features, like a remote with two buttons (one for activating the signal and the other for unlocking).  

Another factor that you should keep an eye on is your budget. However, a professional can tell you that you won’t need to buy a motorcycle alarm system every day – spend more to get a quality model.   

You can also go for a cheap Scorpio motorcycle alarm, but it might get cut by the thieves.

Another factor that you can consider is the kind of sensor in the alarm. The most common type is the shock sensor that activates if there is any movement.

  • Some Things You Can Look Out For

Other features can make your motorcycle’s alarm to be of high-quality. For instance, you can get a system that comes with remote control. A two-way remote can come in handy as it can notify you immediately something happens to your bike.

The current sensor, the sought-after location sensor, and the tilt sensor are the other kinds of sensors that you can get in a bike alarm. These are not must-haves, but they secure your motorcycle better and make the gadget to be more attractive.

Note that the best motorcycle alarm system should have at least two sensors.

  • Other Concerns

You should know that they are different types of motorbike alarms; some require mounting, while others can be used independently. It is straightforward to choose the one that can meet your needs, and it is not hard to mount them.

One thing you should note about an alarm that you mount on your motorbike is that it doesn’t come with batteries. It also makes it difficult for a thieve to try and remove it from your bike.

The best motorcycle alarm system with GPS can also help you to locate your motorcycle in case it is stolen. You should also buy a new alarm as opposed to getting a second-hand model.

Types of Best Motorcycle Alarm Brands

There are a lot of brands that produce the best alarms for securing motorbikes. Some of these companies are:

YOHOOLYO, YOHOOLYO is a famous electronic products brand in China, and uses Amazon as the sale channel in America, Europe, and Japan. It creates products of high-quality, including motorbike alarms that you can enjoy having.

The brand creates convenience for motorbike owners and continues to improve its offering.

BlueFire, It is a company that specializes in producing and selling different types of electronic items. For example, it sells charging cables, Bluetooth headsets, loudspeakers, motorbike radios and alarms, and others.

The brand has a global team of designers and engineers who work together to provide high-quality devices.

Xena, Xena is a security company that boasts of leading manufacturers, designers, and innovators of alarmed locks for motorbikes. It was started in 1995 by a group of engineers and bike lovers in the UK.

The company has produced products that make it difficult for thieves to steal motorbikes around the world.

Dowco, Dowco is a popular brand that provides more than just motorcycle alarms. It also offers waterproof bike covers, saddlebags, and other accessories to make your life easier.

The company aims to supply high-quality products that can make your motorcycle better.

Coocheer, It is one of the most famous electronic companies in the world, and its product collection includes headphones, speakers, chargers, alarms, and others.

It didn’t start as a motorcycle alarm brand, but it later ventured into this industry and offered systems with sensors.

Pyle, It is another company that produces high-quality devices for installing in your motorbike. The company is well known for providing high-quality amps and alarms for bikes.

One thing you should note is that it gives gadgets that have GPS to enable you to track your motorcycle easily.

There are hundreds of best motorcycle alarms brands out there, such as Bibowa, Gorilla, Tchipie, UOLOR, MYSBIKER, and more.

The only thing that you should consider when choosing any of these brands is to get quality alarms for your motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the best motorcycle alarms.

Are Motorbike Alarms Worth the Bucks?

They cannot hurt your pocket when you consider their price and the cost of your motorcycle. You should add them, as well as a locking system, to ensure that your bike is well-secured.
Besides, some insurance firms require you to install a motorcycle alarm on your bike.

How Long Does a Bike Alarm Sound Before it Goes Off?

It depends on the motorcycle model you have, but they often sound the noise for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, the alarm can go on and off for about three to five times before it shut off completely.

I Lost My Keys. What Should I Do?

It is easy to recut some keys (barrel type). Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer to get other keys.

Can a Thieve Remove the Battery to Prevent a Bike Alarm from Going Off?

No. The battery cannot be tampered with without setting the alarm off. That is a significant thing that alarm manufacturers consider when making these devices.

How Do I Install a Motorbike Alarm with a Remote?

Motorcycle alarms come with an installation manual or wiring diagram that you can follow when setting them. Go through the wiring diagram and ensure that you understand your motorbike wiring system.   

With that said, you should ensure that you connect the ground and main power wires to the battery terminals. You can access these terminals in many ways; it depends on your bike’s model.

Also, make sure that you disconnect the power from the battery before you start to install your motorcycle alarm.

Do Motorcycle Alarms Deter Thieves?

Statistics show that the best system can deter thieves effectively. They might not be 100%, but they often scare the thieves away.

One great feature of these devices is that they are compact and small, and in low light, they are often invisible. That means a burglar might not notice your bike has an alarm until it is too late.

Their loud sound can scare away people. They can still serve a useful purpose if they are installed in conjunction with other security gear like a chain.

Where Can I Buy the Best Motorcycle Alarms?

There are a lot of places that sell the best bike alarms that can give value for your money. For instance, there are online places where you can compare the different models of these gadgets.

Pick The Best Motorcycle Alarm – YOHOOLYO

YOHOOLYO is a reputable brand that provides only a top-quality motorcycle alarm system. That is the case with their Disc Look Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock.

The model is our top pick because of the many features and benefits it provides. For instance, it is made of a metal material that makes it sturdy and durable.

It also gives a loud noise of up to 110 dB and has seven millimeters locking pin. We can highly recommend this system.

YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock...
4,009 Reviews
YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock...
  • The Anti Theft Lock is made entirely of metal, it is sturdy and...
  • The alarm sound is able to reach to 110 db, the measure of the...
  • It comes with two keys, it is ideal for motorcycles, bicycles,...

Final Verdict

All the motorbike alarms we have looked above can protect your motorcycle when you are not near. They all have their unique pros and cons, but you can be confident of getting value for your money if you choose one of them.

 Also, follow our buying guide to ensure that you get the best motorcycle alarms for your needs. Make sure that you buy a model that you can use without any hassle and the one that you can afford.