Garmin Zumo 395LM Motorcycle GPS 2019– A Detailed Review And Buying Guide

If you’re on 4 wheels or 2, it is always crucial to know where you’re going or how to get the place. There are many top quality GPS systems are available on the market nowadays. Of those, many of them GPS system comes from Garmin which is a powerhouse and mostly known in the GPS navigation industry as a whole, but most surely regarding motorbike GPS devices.

The item Garmin Zumo 395LM is designed for convenience and the safety of motorbike riders. With the best Zumo 395LM, you will get all that you can wish for in a motorbike GPS navigator. Read along with the Garmin Zumo 395LM review, and you’ll realize the good and the bad of the motorcycle GPS navigator to make the final and best decision about your purchase.

Just read more and get to know the device.

Features of Garmin Zumo 395LM:

The Garmin Zumo 395lm motorcycle GPS is undoubtedly constructed of stern stuff. What else could we suspect from the market heads in motorcycle GPS? The 395LM is largely weather resistant, enduring all conditions and most liquids thrown at it by an average biker. This includes water of course.

  • The screen:The item has 4.3” viewing screen which stands out in all conditions. The screen size of the 395LM also requires not be a drawback. The display screen is also big enough that it can be simply associated with, even when someone is wearing cumbersome gloves. The screen is sunlight ready and supports a 480*272 pixels resolution. This is a perfect screen resolution for a motorcycle GPS navigator.
  • Bluetooth:Bluetooth is an integral feature if you’ve any wish of hearing GPS commands.  The Garmin Zumo 395LM has a Bluetooth interface to your phone or Bluetooth enabled helmet.  You can use this feature to hear the directions and street names.  The feature also supports interfacing with your Smartphone.  You can also use the Bluetooth feature to ask for points of interest, like gas or food.
  • Adventurous Routing:The Adventurous Routing affords you access to “hilly, twisty, terrain-hugging roads” instead of the common straight roads. It also avoids highways. You can use this routing to have a more exciting time while on your journey.
  • Dynamic fuel stops:The excellent dynamic fuel stop feature is another which significantly impresses users. This feature takes essentially all of the worries right out of your mind as well allows you to focus on taking in all of your surroundings as well feel of the trip without ought to be distracted. The feature of Zumo tracks fuel levels as well consumption, mapping out and telling you of the most suitable time and location for a fuel-stop.
  • Map updates support:The model Garmin Zumo 395LM comes with Lifetime Maps.  This means Garmin provides lifetime map updates at no charge.  Updates are done using the cable provided while attached to your home PC. Whenever the Garmin Zumo maps update, it doesn’t matter. You will always have the best and most accurate navigation under your belt.
  • Rider alerts feature:This feature will warn of upcoming accidents. This assists to reduce any confusion and eventually bad breaks which could otherwise lead to a penalty on your license.
  • Waterproof:Like most motorcycle GPS units, the Garmin Zumo 395LM is weatherproof.  It’s rated as IPX7 which means it withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.  Good for light to moderate rain.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor accessory:You can monitor your tire pressure utilizing the optional Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor accessory.  This is an extra accessory that can be attached which is an excellent air valve cap that speaks to the GPS.
  • Play Music:You can use this GPS navigator to play stored music.  Services such as Spotify and Pandora are sustained of this item. The Zumo will allow you to control media and from a compatible MP3 player or Apple iPhone 4s or higher.
  • Trip gauge:The Zumo 395LM comes with a trip gauge to assist plan gas consumption.  This feature works better than others GPS navigator.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • Product Dimensions comes with 1.2 x 5.1 x 3.7 inches
  • Item Weight is 9.6 ounces
  •  4.3” screen which is built to withstand harsh weather
  • It is resistant to the UV rays, fuel spills on the device and waterproof
  • The device is rated IPX7 against water
  • The Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor lets you monitor all the issues with the bike tires such as tire pressure, tire change requirements, etc
  • It can be the best solution even in the sunlight with magnified display
  • The device comes with an MP3 player attachment facility which lets you listen to your favorite track while you ride amidst the hilly track.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity offers the riders with hands-free calling
  • Adventurous Routing lets you plan a very tricky yet
  • Built up with the Zumo-Up Ahead feature which lets you cover all the points of interest while on the journey
  • The speed limit indicator tells you wisely when you should break down the speed
  • The state helmet laws are alerted while crossing the state borders
  • With its TracBac feature, you can trace the same path while return
  • You can always list up your points of interest such as any place to visit, the places to eat and the gas stations

What we like

  • check
    Bluetooth technology and comes with speed limit meter, MP3 player, Garmin Adventurous Routing, Rider alerts
  • check
    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • check
    Takes in data cards like the microSD
  • check
    1000 locations and waypoints and Lane assistance
  • check
    Junction views and Route avoidance
  • check
    Up to 7 hours of battery life
  • check
    Lifetime map updates
  • check
    Customizable points of interests
  • check
    Preloaded street maps

What we dislike

  • It is Expensive
  • Small text

Package includes:

  • check
    Motorcycle mounts and power cable
  • check
    Automotive suction cup mount
  • check
    Mounting hardware

Final verdict:

Garmin Zumo 395LM motorcycle GPS navigator is not going to frustrate you. In fact, it’ll be with you for a long time, all the while conveying the expectations and being a great travel companion. With its great design and features, it resists the toughest of weather as well provides you the best of navigational features.

It is the best bargain for those who wish a convenient, durable and versatile GPS navigator that they can take along anyplace they go. Ride safely and Happy riding!