BEST Motocross Knee Brace 2022

Did you know that with a rate of 212.57, riding a motorcycle is by far the most deadly way to get around? Unfortunately, there are numerous ways you might hurt yourself, and being cautious cannot solve all problems.

Sometimes you might need to stop your bike with your foot, even though that’s a mistake that might lead to severe knee problems.

There is only one way you could avoid lifelong trauma and the right choice is to buy the best motocross knee brace. In case of a crash, it reduces the amount of force transmitted back to the bone.

You might think that those kinds of additional accessories are a waste of money but you are wrong! There are different kinds of braces for different scenarios, such as dirt bikes or asterisk knee braces. So how could you ever choose the motocross neck brace related to your bike plus at a reasonable price? We are here to help you, so take a look!

Best Quality
Mobius Knee Brace x8
Best Choice
Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard (Black/White, Large/X-Large)
Mobius Knee Brace x8
Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard (Black/White, Large/X-Large)
Mobius Products
Leatt Brace
White / Yellow
XS (38-43cms) Small Medium Large X-Large 40,6cm-45,7cm 45,7cm-50,8cm 50,8cm-55,9cm XLG (58-63cms) XXLG (63-69cms)
17.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
21 x 10 x 6 inches
3.31 pounds
1.1 pounds
Best Quality
Mobius Knee Brace x8
Mobius Knee Brace x8
Mobius Products
White / Yellow
XS (38-43cms) Small Medium Large X-Large 40,6cm-45,7cm 45,7cm-50,8cm 50,8cm-55,9cm XLG (58-63cms) XXLG (63-69cms)
17.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches
3.31 pounds
Best Choice
Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard (Black/White, Large/X-Large)
Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee and Shin Guard (Black/White, Large/X-Large)
Leatt Brace
21 x 10 x 6 inches
1.1 pounds

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Best Motocross Knee Braces

Best Motocross Knee Guards

So, if you’re in the market for one of these best motocross knee braces, we hope these reviews and our top pick will help you. In the event that you don’t have the time needed for doing your own research, having it already done for you is the next best thing.

1. Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee Braces

(Colors: Black/White, Size: Large/X-Large)

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For any rider who is looking for an affordable yet highly reliable offering from the best MX knee braces, this pair is a good one to top your list. 

The Leatt 3DF knee/shin guards offer superior comfort and increased protection with a combination of a hard shell (for protecting your knees in case of a fall) and soft 3DF foam (for extra comfort). 

In addition, their Moisture Cool feature is perfect for allowing your skin and knees and skin to breathe, especially on scorching hot days in the summer. They also offer silicone lamination for keeping the protectors in place. 

This particular Leatt model is CE-certified for impact protection (EN1621-1) while offering a super-comfortable fit. And, the 3D design always looks great while you’re riding as well.

If you’re an avid rider, then you’re probably not a stranger to motocross knee braces, so you’ve undoubtedly heard of Leatt products. The Leatt brand is a sign of dedication, passion, and commitment. 

It’s also a brand that’s serious about the sport of motocross, especially in the area of safety. And, this particular product is also suitable for a number of other sports. 

And, for keeping your knee braces in place, Leatt has added silicone lamination and that’s a special feature that has been praised by a number of riders.

This is an excellent product for getting the knee protection that you need but at a highly affordable price. And, this knee brace is also available in several other sizes, including Junior, Small/Medium, and XX-Large.

2. Mobius Knee Braces


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This is a genuine stand-out among knee braces because of its design and special features. One of its top features is its customizable fit. There’s only one possible way that these knee braces won’t fit you properly and that’s in the event that either the plates, pads, or adjustable cable become damaged but it’s highly unlikely that this would ever occur.

One especially attention-grabbing feature is this knee brace’s complete support and protection. If you’ve ever incurred a knee injury, you know all too well just how critical this is. 

In fact, these knee braces could actually make you literally feel like your knees are completely protected and unbreakable when you’re wearing them.

That’s because Mobius Products uses patent-pending technology that’s truly innovative and uses a Continuous Cable Routing System for the purpose of forming its unique type of protection. 

And, even though they can do all of that protecting, they’re surprisingly light. In addition, they’re adjustable and extremely comfortable.

Additional features include the fact that these motocross knee braces are jam-packed with some amazing features and patent-pending technology. Those features ensure optimum comfort levels and necessary support.

In fact, a number of riders have reported that this particular model offers a significantly higher level of durability than other similar manufacturers’ models.  

Another great feature, according to numerous motocross riders, is that these Mobius knee braces don’t feel restrictive and therefore don’t distract from the total enjoyment of the ride.

3. POD Unisex Knee Braces

(Color-Gray/Red, Size-Medium/Large)

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POD Unisex K4 Knee Brace brought to you by POD offers a high level of superior protection for the knees and legs without compromising durability and performance. 

This particular knee brace model assists in preventing knee injuries while cycling, riding, surfing, or skiing because they’re actually suitable for a number of action sports.

The frame of this POD knee brace is manufactured using Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon, which delivers top-level protection as well as premium functionality.

This patented technology is actually inspired by the human body, which is why it is called “Human Motion Technology”. 

It uses powerful Synthetic Ligaments that have been engineered from Vectran Fibers, which is five times stronger than steel. This is what provides the multi-directional motion control of these knee braces.

This knee brace model is available in three frame sizes for ensuring a precise fit that’s very secure. And, the adaptive cuffs are designed for accommodating a variety of leg shapes, while also adapting to muscle movement. 

The lack of pressure points also gives you complete comfort when you’re wearing these braces. The easily adjustable straps are another significantly improved feature of the design.

This particular unisex knee brace choice has been receiving a number of very positive reviews because of the innovative design and the increased practicality level. 

In addition, the fiberglass-reinforced polymer frames can easily stand the test of time while keeping your knees fully protected all the time during every ride.

4. Axis Sport Right Knee Braces

(Color- Black, Size-Large)

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Motocross knee braces should be both secure and lightweight for comfortably protecting your knee joints. For this right knee brace, EVS Sports utilizes reinforced nylon to inject both the upper and lower cuffs, which was designed for superior comfort and flexibility. 

In fact, this particular safety product has been found to be one that’s definitely preferred by riders, both recreational and professional.

Some special features that are successful at making these knee braces a standout over some other are their patented Tru-Motion 2.0 hinges, which are anatomically correct, as well as Dual Defense, offering full coverage for your kneecap. 

And, since they’re made with intuitive materials and anatomically correct hinges, you won’t find many other models that can duplicate these special features.

In addition, these knee braces offer secure adjustable hyperextension lockouts. And, some other excellent features include compression comfort cuffs, sharkskin modular straps, and a FormFit frame. 

Many riders have also reported their appreciation of these adjustable knee braces for how they are always ensuring an excellent fit for any rider. 

They also reported that, once you have them on, they’re really comfortable and the weight of them is negligible. Last but not least, the range of movement while wearing them is something that is important to riders of all sizes and capabilities. 

So, if you’re a rider who’s in the market for the perfect lightweight option, these motocross knee braces should be added to your list because of the flexibility and superior comfort that they offer. They’re definitely on par with many other more expensive knee braces.

5. Unisex Adult Knee Braces

(Colors- Carbon/Blue, Size: Large) (Pair)

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This is definitely another pair of motocross knee braces that’s worthy of your serious consideration. In fact, they’re highly praised by many riders because of their lighter overall weight paired with superior multi-sport performance. 

This is a model that is quite successful at combining adaptability, comfort, and protection. Its ample leg cuffs offer enough flexibility for adapting to the overall shape of your legs. 

In addition,  the handy Velcro straps are just what you need for keeping the braces in place throughout every single ride.

And, the frames are made of lightweight carbon fiber plus the hinges are molded from synthetic rubber for simulating the motion of your knees.

Another feature of these knee braces is the fact that they adjust from 0 to 25 degrees plus they’re capable of customization based upon a rider’s personal preferences

And, their total patella protection, thanks to the three-piece design, is perfect for ensuring the protection of every part of your knee in the event there is an impact. And any part of the three parts can be removed for use individually in providing lateral support.

These knee braces fit well and are capable of staying in place for extended periods of riding while ensuring that, at all times, your movements aren’t restricted.

It also support your knees via the creation of alternative load pads that have been designed for distributing impact forces away from the ligaments in your leg.

They’re also lightweight with frames of pre-prep carbon fiber, which is a highly durable material. They’re suitable for performing low to high impact or contact activities where extra protection is needed.

6. Racing Titan Knee Braces

(Color- Black, Size-One size fits most)

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This knee and shin guard offers a special three-piece floating knee cup that is hinged. It also has complete lower thigh, knee, and shin coverage with its symmetrical left/right design for providing an optimum fit. 

In addition, the one-time posi-lock strap system is adjustable and the bio-foam chassis is soft-vented for keeping you cool and comfortable.

Altogether, these features deliver stay-put coverage during the entire motocross motion range. It only weigh a pound, so they have a definite lightweight factor, and they also allow riders to have the ability to fully flex their knees. 

And, since they’re both comfortable and quite sturdy, they offer reliable protection for riders.

They’re well-made for fitting perfectly inside a rider’s MX boots and providing a welcome feeling of peace of mind and security while riding on any terrain. 

Riders have reported taking serious falls and ending up with only slight kneecap swelling rather than an unwelcome trip to the hospital. 

Some other riders have also reported that they have worn Fox launch shin and knee guards with them for helping them to stay in place better.

Others have suggested crossing the two elastic straps on the bottom of these knee guards to form an “X” at the back of the leg and pulling it above the calf muscle. 

Either way that you choose to wear them, these motocross knee braces offer some serious protection for an exceptionally low price but with no sacrifice of quality.

7. Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces


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This pair of motocross knee braces are both comfortable and well-constructed because of the carbon-fiber shin-plates and sturdy aluminum alloy frames.

It also offers adjustable top cuffs for allowing you to make the diameter even wider for fitting any size thigh and obtaining that sought-after customized fit. 

And, this particular Leatt model is also designed for ensuring they are always remaining in place throughout even the longest ride while also providing complete patella protection.

In addition, your natural knee motion won’t be in any way restricted because these knee braces have an innovative dual-hinge design with an open design on the inside of your knee. This also enables you to be constantly gripping your bike much better using the inside of your knee.

This model’s three-point force distribution is responsible for helping with the reduction of any knee injuries.

Its design and engineering include being extensively lab-tested for finding any fracture points. 

And, these knee braces were also CE tested and certified in the European Union to be a reliable source of total knee impact protection. 

These knee pads include a mono-hinge frame that is quite durable as well as fracture points that add a great deal to the overall protection level. 

In fact, the majority of avid motocross riders have reported that these knee braces are definitely well worth the higher price for the superior protection and comfort that they provide.

8. Fox Titan Adult Knee Braces

(Color- Black, Size-One Size)

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These knee braces offer a soft-vented bio-foam chassis designed for keeping you cool and comfortable, while also offering protection for your knees.

They have one-time adjustment posi-lock strap- systems with velcro and elastic straps for easy adjusting.

They only weigh 12.8 ounces and are excellent for seriously improving safety when you’re riding ATVs, marine-personal-craft, off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, street-motor-scooters, and sport-motorcycles, as well as street-cruising motorcycles and utility vehicles. 

As a leading manufacturer of off-road gear and racewear,  Fox Racing offers high-quality tank tops, t-shirts, and other tops for both women and men as well as safety gear like motocross knee braces. 

Fox Racing sells a complete clothing line that includes Body Armor, boots, gloves, motocross pants, and other apparel through worldwide independent motorcycle-accessory-dealers worldwide. 

In addition, however, they also offer a complete line of racewear, which includes Body Armor, fleece, hats, jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and T-shirts to the public at some of the finer bike, motocross, and racewear retailers all over the world.

This particular knee guard offers the ultimate in comfort with no restrictions in movement while riding. They also provide complete coverage for your knees and shins via the vented leg-specific performance.

Through some innovative design, these knee braces offer superior function and sturdy protection from motocross riding injuries to the boney sides of your knees.

Most riders who have tried them have reported that they really can’t be beaten for the price, especially on longer rides of four hours or more with no need for adjustment.

9. Leatt Knee & Shin Guard Knee Braces

(Color-Black, Size- Large/X-Large)  

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Leatt knee brace is made of washable Leatt foam and High-Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE).

This model employs a special strap system that was well-designed for resisting binding while also allowing for an optimal fit for both the right and left sides. 

This knee brace snaps on and off quite easily without ever having to us the Velcro. Adjusting the fit once and using the snaps from then on is sufficient for superior comfort and protection. 

In addition, some riders have reported that they really look good with their Leatt 4.5 body protector, which also features excellent Leatt quality.

The comfort that is inherent with these guards is widely known as being phenomenal. In fact, many avid motocross riders have reported that they feel like they’re not even there after a few rides. 

Best of all, you really won’t even know that you have them on until they need to do their job. Motocross riding could result in some serious broken bones and even surgery, so knowing that your shins and knees are fully protected makes every ride so much better. 

10. Alpinestars Men’s Knee Braces

(Colors-White/Black, Size-Small/Medium)

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The lower and upper frames of this knee guard are constructed of a high-performance polymeric-material blend for optimizing the levels of both strength and flexibility paired with excellent weight-saving properties. 

For added comfort, the polymer protector plates in these knee guards have strategic perforations for the purpose of providing maximum air ventilation and breathability.

A number of riders have extolled the virtues of all of that air ventilation for giving them a more cool and comfortable ride in any weather.

The upper frame also offers an extended frame for the purpose of increasing your thigh protection while never compromising any mobility. 

In addition, the innovative patella construction has a  ‘floating’ protection cup that gives you better mobility and continuous coverage no matter what your leg position happens to be at the time. And, they’re also CE certified to the latest EN 1621_1: 2012 K type A (Level1) specs.      

The SX-1 also features a slim-profile and asymmetrical design that gives you a tight personalized fit that not only promotes comfortable levels of movement but is also extremely safe. 

The SX-1 shin protection goes approximately ½-inch into the tops of your boots, giving you the perfect overlap for great safety coverage while also not creating one of those annoying shin guards with boots issues.

 All in all, this innovative motocross knee guard product has been proven to be a good value for your money while also providing some serious protection for your knees and shins.

Motocross Knee Guards: Overview and Guide

Best Motocross Knee Braces

Motocross is a fantastic sport, however, it can also be dangerous, which is why it’s so critical that you have the proper protection when you’re riding.

The majority of riders won’t even start the engine unless they have a helmet on, however, the head isn’t the only part of you that requires serious protection. 

Actually, knee braces are crucial pieces of safety gear for preventing serious knee injuries. In general, they’re made with a solid external frame complete that with hinges positioned at the level of your knee joints. 

The fact is that the market offers a great deal in the field of protective gear, however, it’s important to be aware of what really goes into an excellent motocross knee brace.

You’ll find that there are some absolutely necessary aspects that you need to bear in mind when choosing a protective product, and we don’t mean just the price. That’s because security and protection are much more important than the price.

Motocross knee braces can also be used for providing support for knee injuries, including hyperextension, PCL or ACL instabilities, or even when you’re recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. So, what are the main features that you should be looking for before you buy Motocross Knee Braces? 

Some features to look for could include:

  • Adjustable Extension Resistance
  • Aluminum Frame
  • An Anti-Migration Pad
  • A Four-Point Leverage Dynamic System
  • Calf Pinch Guard
  • Superior Hinge Technology
  • Custom Frame
  • Impact Guard
  • Swiveling Strap Tabs


This is a critical aspect for this type of product because obviously, human legs come in different sizes and shapes, therefore it’s highly recommended that the knee braces you choose can be adjusted to meet to your personal needs. 

In addition, they have to stay in place when they’re on and you’re riding. We suggest opting for a model that offers a high level of adjustability without having to compromise the brace’s capacity for providing the protection that your knees require.


The comfort level when you’re riding is another very important factor. You have to feel comfortable with your safety gear, especially when you ride for extended periods of time. You want an external frame that’s manufactured using a solid material without being uncomfortable or even painful to wear.

For starters, they need to be lightweight and made of materials that allow the skin to breathe. This is especially important on days when the weather’s really hot. In addition, you shouldn’t have to deal with any restriction of movement while riding.

Benefits of Using Motocross Knee Braces/Guards

Although motocross is quite a fun sport, it also happens to be a dangerous one. When riders are thinking about protective motocross gear, helmets automatically come to mind. 

The truth is, however, that you should also be wearing moto x knee braces whenever you ride, especially on rough terrain because it can make you prone to injured knees.

And, actually, when you land, crash, or even turn, you could potentially tear your meniscus, ACL, or MCL, or end up spraining and straining your knees. 

When you’re an avid motocross rider, it’s really critical that you purchase knee braces that offer protection and stabilization but are also durable and comfortable.

Recent research shows that serious injuries can end up occurring just as often in off-road racing motorcycles as they occur in football, however, those injuries are much less prevalent when riders wear motocross knee braces. That could be why knee braces are so widely used among motocross riders.

The most significant potential benefits of wearing motocross knee guards include MCL protection for starters as well as at least a certain amount of ACL protection. MCL injuries destabilize the knee, which increases the likelihood of a serious ACL tear. 

And, if these braces can protect against MCL injuries, then they could also bring about a significant reduction in concurrent or even future ACL injuries via the effective stabilization of the medial compartment.

In our opinion, the current data points to the fact that there are considerable benefits to be realized by using these devices in all off-road motorcycling as well as in contact sports.

In fact, the evidence is suggesting that the benefits of using knee braces when involved in any rigorous recreational activity far outweigh the initial cost. 

That’s why it was our main goal here to bring attention to the need for them in motorsports and also to provide reliable evidence to accurately review and recommend some of the best motocross knee guards on the market today. And, all of our motocross knee brace reviews reflect that goal.


What is the main reason for wearing knee braces when riding motocross?

The number one reason for wearing knee braces when you ride is for protecting your knee joints, so you need a highly functional model complete with impact protection certification.

Are motocross knee braces really that important for riders?

Yes, they are absolutely that important and then some. Unless you want to risk serious knee injuries, you really shouldn’t’ ride without them.

What are the best motocross knee braces made of?

The materials used are extremely important as well. Many braces are made using carbon fiber, however, that’s not the only material that is usually employed. You can also consider 3DF foam or fiberglass-reinforced nylon. The main goal is knee braces that are strong enough overall for withstanding impacts and not allowing any injuries.

Is it OK to buy less expensive motocross knee braces if it’s a good deal?

As we mentioned previously, you shouldn’t gamble your hard-earned money, or more importantly, your health and wellbeing, on knee braces that won’t do their job, so wait until you can afford a higher-quality more expensive pair for optimum results.

Do I really need to research the best motocross knee braces to ensure my safety when riding?

Absolutely. Before you buy any protective gear for any sport, you should do some research, even if you are short on time. Getting inappropriate equipment can lead to money and time wasted, but most importantly, to serious injuries. Pay especially close attention to what other riders have to say about each product and then decide.


After going through all of the product specs, a number of customer reviews, and the opinions of several specialists, we have concluded that the best motocross knee guard for your purchase consideration is the Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT because of its high-performance features. 

Since these particular braces have been manufactured using a combination of exceptionally comfortable 3DF foam under a hard shell for deflecting, they’re quite convenient for the wearer. 

In addition, the Moisture Cool wicking fabric lets your legs breathe, and, most importantly, they’re CE certified for superior impact protection. 

When we started researching these products, one particular aspect kept coming up, which was the price, and that’s probably because really good knee braces can be expensive. 

So, that being said, if you don’t have the money to get good braces, it might be best to wait a little bit to find the best braces offered instead of purchasing ones that are just plain cheap and ineffective. 

The costs involved here aren’t just the price of knee braces, but mainly how much you could have to spend if you incur a knee injury. 

So, prior to settling for a cheap model, do the math and find out how much surgery and an MRI, as well as the other medical services and expenses, you could be looking at and then decide if it’s worth going cheap on such important safety gear. 

And, this doesn’t even include the pain and the recovery process, so remember that your health and the protection of your knees are truly priceless.