6 Steps For Installing A LED Projector Headlight On Your Motorcycle

A LED headlight for motorcycles is crucial for illumination, especially during the night and winters. It helps in enhancing the safety of the driver of a bike as it prevents him/her from accidents. The modern LED headlight for motorcycles is equipped with 4D LED projector lens, Devil Eye, and CCFL Angel Eye.

The headlight can be applied to almost all models of bikes such as Kawasaki, Honda, Aprilia, Yamaha, and many others. The diameter of the LED headlight is 2.75 inches, and it measures 4.25 inches long. It has an excellent low beam and high beam effect and works well under 12V DC. The luminous flux of the headlight is approximately 2200lumen.

Many motorbike owners would like to fix an LED headlight in their bikes, but they do not understand how to do it. This article will help you understand how to install LED projector headlights for motorcycles.

6 Steps of Installing LED Headlight in a motorbike

1. Dismantle the initial headlight from the bike

This is the initial step that you ought to take. You should dismantle the headlight that is there to create space for the installation of the new LED headlight. Prior to the beginning of your process, you should ensure that you have all the necessary tools with you. You should also ensure that the bike is off and then take the following procedures:

  • Open the hood of the bike and start locating the clips that are surrounding the headlight assembly.
  • Use a flat head screwdriver to pry off the metal retaining clips from the headlight assembly,
  • Wedge the flat head screwdriver tip between the main housing and the lens.

NOTE: While dismantling the older headlight, be careful not to damage the mounting snaps.

2. Warm Up The Protective Cover

After you have disassembled the original headlight, the next step is warming up the glued protective cover. You can use alcohol to warm it up, and this will help you in easy removal of the protective cover.

3. Separate the headlight housing and the dust cover.

Any headlight is always caged in housing that helps in spreading the beams of light and increases the surface area of illumination. The dust cover is meant to protect the headlight from dust and any other particles that may affect its efficiency. After warming up the protective cover/dust cover, you can easily separate it from the headlight housing. A flat blade screwdriver can be used to help to separate the two.

4. Remove The Power Wires

Power wires are always attached at the headlight base, and they are held by a screw cap, plastic catch, and a metal clip. To remove the power wires, you should start by dealing with the plastic catch which has a small lever at its top. Push down the plastic catch on the lever as you pull the plug out. If a metal clip holds your power wires, pull it up and out. Ensure that you keep holding onto it as you pull it out. If a crew cap holds your bike’s power wires, you will unscrew anticlockwise.

Once you have disconnected the power wires, you can remove the headlight holder and safely remove the old bulb. In some cases for you to remove the bulb, you will have to rotate it a bit.

5. Install Your LED Headlight

Before installing it, ensure that you handle it with gloves or tissues. This will protect you from getting your hands stained by oils. You ought to give your LED headlight a thorough cleaning using an alcohol wipe before installing it. Once it is clean, insert and stick the bulb at the base of the plug. Ensure that you crew it tightly. Afterward, you can put the headlight holder and protective cover back in place and plug the power wires in. Be careful and make sure that the power wires are installed correctly. Otherwise, you might experience a shock that might destroy your new LED bulb.

6. Connect Power And Test Your Headlight

Connect power and test the lighting effect of your LED headlight. You should test the effect of Low Beam, the impact of High Beam, Angel Eye, and Devil Eye. After testing your headlight and confirm that it functions correctly, you seal the cover.


The mentioned above are the simple steps that you can follow and help you install a new LED headlight on your motorbike. After installation, you can comfortably enjoy the changes in lighting with the aid of the tiny switch. With your LED headlight you can enjoy your ride at night and even during the winter season when there is fog. Enhance your visibility and improve your safety while on your motorbike by installing a LED headlight. You can do it yourself and save money. YES, YOU CAN!!!