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One vital thing you should remember is that motorbike helmets don’t protect or defend against every type of accidental injury. This content is especially about Iron man motorcycle helmet. We have analyzed why Iron man motorcycle helmet is the best one and how it can provide you with the best safety.

Who doesn’t know the helmet is one of the important elements of riding a bike. Riding a Motorbike gives all riders a sense of liberty on the road. 

However, there are many serious dangers and perils involved in riding a motorbike without a helmet. While everybody recognizes that every motorcyclist should wear a protective helmet when riding a motorbike, not everybody does because wearing helmets can be uncomfortable and hot. But that does not mean that is a valid excuse or something like explain to avoid wearing a helmet.

Motorbikes need to take additional cares to care for their body. The most crucial place to begin is by protecting as well assisting the head.

Before that recognize how you can choose the best helmet for yourself.

HJC CL-17 Solid Matte Black Helmet...
134 Reviews
HJC CL-17 Solid Matte Black Helmet...

  • Item Weight is 4.95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions comes with 15 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Comes with advanced polycarbonate composite shell
  • Optically superior Pin locks 100% Max Vision-prepared Face, Shield
  • Provides One-Touch Integrated Sunshield
  • Features with rapid-fire II shield replacement system
  • Super cool Interior
  • DOT approved (Only a few numbers of the helmet has gained this corticated)

HJC IS-17 Iron Man Helmet

Many of motorcycle helmets are available these days, but in this article, we are going to discuss an ironman motorcycle helmet which is one of the best companies of the Motorbike helmets industries nowadays. As the biggest motorcycle helmet as well other Accessories manufacturer in the world, HJC makes millions of motorcycle helmets every year.

This is one of the best and popular helmets that make HJC. The quality of construction, fit, and finish are good enough, and often better than any other brands. What is so good about the IS-17 helmet that you should consider using one?


Let us discuss the features that these HJC helmets provide you with a detail discussion. Have a look at the features, pros and cons that you are getting with this best HJC IS-17 motorcycle helmets.

Advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell: Iron man bike helmet come on with an advanced Polycarbonate Shell which is compact and also lightweight; also this helmet provides the motor biker with an excellent fit and comfort by using the remarkably advanced technology of the well-known CAD.

Paint quality: The paint quality of this item is good, and the graphics of this superb item is excellent. The item is also importantly lighter than its predecessor, supplies an awesome fit, great visibility and good balance, and is comparatively quieter than other brand helmets.

3D face shield design: The HJC IS-17 iron man bike helmet comes with a new 3D face shield design. Advanced polycarbonate compact shell of this item provides the best comfortable fit. The item is available in sizes XS to 2-XL, and it has many colors and intakes graphics (red, blue, silver, purple, high-viz).

One-Touch Integrated Smoke-Tinted Sun Shield: This helmet deploys rapidly as well simply even with gloves on. It features 3 stages multiple positions with excellent locking mechanism and a center locking lift-tab to hold the visor on your favored setting while you’re on the road.

Rapid-fire Shield Replacement System: The latest Pin lock Prepared Face shield has been shatterproof on the IS 17, and provides you with a nice, excellent, clear, as well consistent view ahead. As the name entails, you can add Pin lock accessories according to your taste. It is also simply and easily removed as well replaced without tools.

ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: The Ironman motorcycle helmet provides ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. It assists to done full front to back airflow flushes heat as well humidity up and out. It significantly helps to promote front to back airflow and keep the biker cool regardless how long he or she stays on the road. This helmet also comes with a built-in integrated air deflector which works enormously well.

Super Cool Interior:Super Cool Moisture Wicking Interior is available with this Ironman motorcycle helmet which keeps it virtually odor-free. Also, Crown and cheek pads of this HJC helmet are entirely removable and washable. All IS 17 cheek pad sizes are fully interchangeable. The cheek pads of this helmet are also interchangeable throughout all sizes for a more custom-made fit.

Meets or Exceeds D.O.T. standards: The HJC IS 17 Ironman motorcycle helmet is DOT approved product, and this helmet has been given the maximum 5 Star Safety Rating by the SHARP-Crash Helmet Safety Scheme. So you don’t have to be worried about its safety, and it will do an excellent job in protecting your head!


  • Provide maximum protection
  • Low profile sun visor mechanism
  • Outstanding coverage from the sun visor
  • Good aerodynamics due to its round shape
  • Excellent design
  • Smart looking and nice styling
  • Comfortable liner and long chin strap cushion
  • Locking face shield
  • ECE version gets a 5-star SHARP rating.


  • A little bit Heavy and bulky
  • Others nothing wrong with this item

How to choose the motorcycle helmet?

Choosing the helmet (especially when you are searching for the best one) can be a difficult task for sometimes. We have put together this full guideline, assisting you to catch it right first time as well helping you in preferring the best motorcycle helmet for you.

Full face helmets: Full face helmets offer the best protection as these helmets cover any vulnerable areas from any impact. As a beginner full face helmets are must have for all bikers.

Size: People’s head shape and size vary extensively. Before you can start considering motorcycle helmets, you need to know what size and shape your head is. Make sure to get the right one according to your shape.

The comfort padding:Wear all helmets for sometimes to make sure no uncomfortable hotspots develop. This can be a concern for you. Make sure to wear sometimes before you make your purchase.

Safety: Make sure the safety of your helmet is enough to ride you freely. Your helmets should meet the minimum safety requirements, or it should be DOT-approved products. Make sure this matters deeply. DOT – The US Department of Transportation sets a minimum standard level of protection for the helmets. 02 – The U.N. Economic Commission for Europe sets a level of protection for the helmets in Europe.

Don’t buy second-hand helmets: You may fall in a crash if you buy a seconded hand helmet. Make sure to buy a new one always. Never go for 2nd hand helmet.

N: B: Remember to apply and use only soapy water to clean your helmet as other types of commercial cleaners can include products that will weaken the shell.

Benefits of Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

It is always vital for motorcyclists to realize the risks of riding the bike without any helmet. Motorcyclists who don’t wear right helmets are at run a risk of suffering a traumatic and hurtful brain injury if riders are in an accident. Without best protection, the head is defenseless to a painful effect in an accident even when riding the bike at low speeds.

In that case, Ironman motorcycle helmet can be the best solution to manage the best safety for you. Iron Man is cool, everybody knows it (providing you kind of look past that whole PTSD thing he had going on for a while) and who wouldn’t want their own fully functioning Iron Man suit?

The best motorcycle helmet is the one that fits you properly. Here is Ironman helmet which can meet your sufficient expectations.

Many traumatic and fatalities brain injuries can be eliminated with this ironman safety helmet.

Ironman Helmets are figured to be 37% effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcyclists.

This helmet can truly improve the bike rider’s ability to hear by contouring the head and ear, which can deduce other wind noise, and allow the bikers to hear other sounds perfectly.

This ironman motorcycle helmet makes a person look macho as well when a biker zooms across in classy motorcycle with the best looking Ironman helmets; it surely makes heads turn around as well have a second look.

This Helmet prevents eye injuries and any distraction from dust, dirt as well debris thrown up by other types of vehicles on the road.

This high-quality visor helmet certainly helps a lot in improving visibility.

Hence it is always preferable to obey all the rules of the land as well wear proper helmets whenever a biker or any other person is riding a motorbike.


Question: Will this Ironman motorcycle helmet fit a head that is a long oval shape?

Answer: It will be a good option for you. They will come in a different shape. Make sure get the adjusted one.

Question: Is this item Bluetooth capable?

Answer: No. You will not get Bluetooth facilities with this item. It’s not a big deal when you are searching to get the best one.

Question: Is this Ironman motorcycle helmet for kids?

Answer:  Not it’s not for kids.

Question: Will it best for lady bikers?

Answer: Yes it is perfect for lady bikers.

Question: Is the shield orange of this Ironman motorcycle helmet?

Answer: It’s more yellow, like shooting glasses.

Question: Can this helmet be used at night?

Answer: Yes it’s excellent to wear at night.

Question: How safety the Ironman motorcycle helmet is?

Answer: It’s a DOT approved item. Hope you already know only quality item gets approved by DOT. Best of Luck!

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet


The Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is properly and nicely damped can be simply operated with a gloved hand, as well, while not quite so silent, not in the least annoying. The HJC IS-17 helmet carries all best and major features that anybody would expect from a full face motorbike helmet for touring, traveling or sport touring motorcycle action.

If you wish to get the best motorbike helmet for the best riding and your regular commute riding, this HJC IS-17 Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is the best choice. It is great value for money, and you should purchase these HJC ones if you are looking for an eye drooling helmet that has a DOT-certification level of security.

Overall this is an awesome helmet for all the daily bikers. Any question? Lets us know! Have a safe riding!

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