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The Garmin Zumo 550 motorcycle mount, a portable GPS unit, which is released by Garmin several years ago. Have a look at this Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle GPS Review why you will love this item.

There are various kinds of motorcycle GPS are available in the market nowadays. But the question is which one you should buy. All we might be know the Garmin is one of the trusted brands for all times.

Here we come with a review article which is about Garmin Zumo 550. This is one of the best-used GPS navigators nowadays. Have a look below.

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  • Product Dimensions comes with 3.3 x 2.2 x 4.6 inches
  • Item Weight is 8.93 pounds
  • Comes with 3.5-Inch Screen
  • Bluetooth-Enabled For Hands-Free Calling and For Sending Audio To Compatible Helmets
  • 10,000 Point Tracking
  • High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • High Bright Display for Sunlight Readability as well UV Resistant

What’s in the Box?

Have a look what you will get in the box:

Zumo 550, Map Source City Navigator NT DVD (full-unlock), preloaded City Navigator NT North America, automotive suction cup mount with integrated speaker, motorcycle mount with RAM mounting hardware, carrying case, vehicle power cable, motorcycle power cable, AC charger, USB interface cable, security screwdriver, dashboard disk, Garmin stickers, custom caps (silver and black) and reference guide will be available here.

Pros –

  • Rugged design and user interface
  • Includes all accessories for mounting
  • Bluetooth technology and includes a car window mount
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Intuitive menus and Easy to use even wearing gloves
  • Screen visibility is awesome even in direct sunlight.
  • Internal power is a nice feature

Cons –

  • Routing options are very basic- no trackback or route reversal on the unit.
  • It is little bit expensive

Benefits of Garmin Zumo 550

Garmin Zumo 550 comes with all best features. Here are the features which you will like most. Have a look there and make your day right now! This is an excellent item which will give you the best outcomes.

Display and screen

The screen on the Zumo 550 is a mixed bag. It is pretty bright especially if brightness is set to 70 percent and comes with a decent viewing angle. 

Zumo 550 has a large, bright 3.5-inch display that’s readable in sunlight, and touch screen controls that can be utilized with up to medium-weight riding gloves.

The Zumo comes with all the suitable mounts to connect it to your motorbike. The Installation of this item is simple enough.

Bluetooth’s option

Another great feature that appears in handy is the Zumo 550 is Bluetooth option. 

Zumo 550 GPS navigator also features Bluetooth option, so connecting the device to a wireless headset lets you get navigation directions. Users can make phone calls and incoming calls are answered by easily tapping the screen as well as speaking over the helmet microphone.

Overall Interface

The Zumo 550 interface is great, in line with the maximum of Garmin’s other units. A subtle touch is a facility to enlarge the keyboard, making buttons accessible to press if you’ve motorcycle gloves on.

The main menu of this super item is very straightforward, with large icons for ‘View Map’ and ‘Where To’ in addition to little icons for the music player, MP3 player, and settings. 

The Zumo 550 GPS can navigate to a particular address, a point of interest, a specific intersection, a recent location and your favorites.


The Zumo 550 GPS navigator is rated IPX7 waterproof, indicating that the item can resist “accidental immersion in 1-meter of water for up to thirty minutes”. In addition to that, the 550 unit can withstand temperatures over 100° F and lower than 25° F.

Easy to mount on the motorbike

The Zumo 550 comes with all things you require to have it running right out of the box. 

The Zumo 550 uses a custom cradle as well comes with RAM Mounting System, a very famous universal device mount. You will be able to attach the mount either to a handlebar or your motorbike’s brake reservoir clamp. If you are using this Zumo 550 every day, constant power from the motorbike is the great option to keep it running.

Motorcycle friendly controls

A feature of the Zumo is that it possesses 5 waterproof buttons: 1 power button and 4 function buttons. The 4 function buttons are positioned on the left side of the product so your right hand will nevermore have to split the throttle.

USB Connectivity

Updating as well adding files to the Zumo 550 is comparatively simple. When plugged through USB cable into a PC, the GPS is read as two separate devices: the SD card’s slot and the GPS internal memory. This executes it very simple to upload route, songs, pictures, and other files onto the unit.

MP3 Player

The integrated MP3 player on the 550 is another great option. The Garmin Zumo 550 has an SD card reader that allows high capacity cards. 

The Zumo’s cradle holds a mini-stereo, heavy-duty headphone jack that can connect to a pair of bud earphones.

XM radio

The XM-radio is excellent and can take a signal anywhere, provided that the XM attachment is exposed to the sky. Having access to XM’s traffic reports is an essential tool for a daily commute or when entering an unknown city.

You can also get real-time traffic updates with the Garmin 550 XM Antenna. The antenna gives you real-time traffic updates from Total Traffic Network.

Bike to Car Portability

The Zumo 550 can be used in the car also. Along with a motorbike cradle, Garmin also carries a suction cup mounted car cradle with a speaker (External) for voice-assisted directions.

Garmin 550 Manual

The Garmin 550 comes with a complete manual and is also ready in PDF format from the Garmin official website.  The detailed manual is about 70 pages, and covers explained information on whole features.

Pick Up The Garmin Zumo 550

Garmin Zumo 550

The Zumo 550, without ambiguity, an attractive option if you need a GPS unit for your motorcycle or scooter.

The Garmin Zumo 550 is an excellent purchase for everything you’re getting. You can simply use this item to get your way around on foot or place it in your automobile.

We found it to be a great motorcycle-friendly design with great mounting hardware, great functions with the latest software updates, and high-quality waterproofing.  If you’ve been looking for a unit to use on your motorcycle and you’ve been shopping for a Zumo 550 best price, we found a great deal on it here.

Have a nice time always. Let me know your idea and experiences here in the comments section below. Happy shopping and Ride safely!

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