Yoshimura’s Honda Grom Turn Signal Mounting Plates

If you have a bike, that’s affordable, stylish, and dependable, you also need equipment with those same traits. You need Yoshimura’s Turn Signal Mounting Plates for the Honda Grom. These mounting plates are some of the best cheap motorcycles parts on the market.

A Winning Design

Don’t just ride; ride in style. The plates are black and have a sharp, sophisticated look. I carefully crafted them to fit 2018, 2019, and 2020 Honda Grom models.

You’ll know the plates will be a perfect fit on your bike before you even open the package because I cut each plate with a laser to fit genuine Honda motorcycle parts.

These Yoshimura plates will give your bike a smooth and aerodynamic style while still allowing your turn signal to be easily spotted by other drivers. You may also like the Best Motorcycle Covers (Reviews) in 2020.

Product Details

It made the Yoshimura Turn Signal Mounting Plates in the United States from only the finest materials. The process begins with a 6061 aluminum alloy that then goes through the Type II anodizing process so the mounting plates do not corrode.

Forget the bulkiness — each plate weighs just one pound and is only six inches wide, six inches long, and a little over two inches tall. You can use the plates with aftermarket turn signals that are five-sixteenths of an inch or three-eighths of an inch.

Mounting Plate Assembly

Before you assemble the brackets and wiring your turn signals, always check the laws in your area to ensure that your turn signals and the way you install them are legal.

Also, be sure that the turn signals are not in the path of the exhaust pipe emissions because those emissions can cause the signals to work improperly. Here are four different ways you can install the mounting plates.

  • Down-and-installation is when plates are mounted vertically with the wide parts that hold the turn signals on the bottom and facing in toward the bike.
  • Down-and-out installation is like the down-and-in type except that the wide parts of the place face outward away from the bike.
  • Up-and-in installation is when the plates are mounted vertically with the wide parts on the top and facing in toward the bike.
  • Up-and-out installation is the same as up-and-in, but with this type, the wide parts of the plate face outward away from the bike.

Read all directions carefully and use caution when working with the tools and wires. Yoshimura does not take responsibility for any injury or damage that occurs while assembling or using the Honda Grom Turn Signal Mounting Plates.

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Yoshimura’s Tradition of Excellence

Yoshimura has been a staple and top performer in the motorcycle industry for 65 years. When you purchase Yoshimura products, including these turn signal mounting plates, you know that you’re getting dependable, safe, and innovative items that will put you ahead of the pack. Trust Yoshimura for the best in motorcycle equipment.

Whether you’re shopping for the Yoshimura Turn Signal Plates, discount motorcycle tires or other OEM parts, they’re in stock. Contact one of the motorcycle specialists for outstanding customer service and to get all your bike needs taken care of.

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