Best Motorcycle Games for Kids 2021 (non-violent, safe, and fun)

Motorcycle games have evolved and the introduction of more advanced games has led to some popularity contest among games. This is true for both adults and kids.

The difference lies in their preference and thrill. The ease in maneuverability and the ability to perform stunts makes it fun and exciting when playing.

In kids, it promotes creativity and a sense of exploration. With frequent releases of new motorcycle games, the best have stood the test of time and kids will play them to their teens and further.

If you are looking for an amusing and exciting motorcycle game for kids to play, below are games that are worth trying. They are non-violent, safe, yet breathtaking, and fun.

Motorcycle Games for Kids

Bike Race Free

Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games
8,044 Reviews
Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games
  • Multiplayer!
  • No Ads forever
  • Simple controls

Bike Race is all about testing what your skills have to offer on a virtual motorcycle. The thrill of the game is that it feels so real as if you are really taking part in it.

The display is authentic and the entire scenery is appealing and attractive for kids. Kids can perform crazy stunts ranging from spins, jumping over holes, and take sharp turns just to put their virtual motorcycle through a test.

Whatever kids think of as cool stunts, they can exploit their creativity in this game.

It features an outstanding stage and the idea is to race at top speed, going around, over, as well as under the stage in an effort to reach the end where your kids will find a checkered racing flag.

This game comes in versions that are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Fun Kid Racing Motocross

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This game is designed to suit the younger kids who are excited about playing but are not looking for anything complicated. It is designed to function with Android operating system.

It comes with the added advantage that it is amongst the free motorcycle games for kids so your kid can always remain entertained and active at no extra cost.

The mission of the game is for kids to get their driver (in this case themselves) to the finish line.

The goal is to race against time. All they have to do is set a new record for the shortest time possible.

For young kids, it is exciting allowing them to perform some simple stunts while at the same time allowing for ease of operations.

It is also designed to be motivating as it teaches kids that they always have a chance to get back on their feet despite some challenges. The focus is to get back on the race and ride to the end.

Dirt Bike Mini Racer

motocross game-motorcycle games
20 Reviews
motocross game-motorcycle games
  • - User Selected Control scheme.
  • - Over 10 drivers.
  • - more and more of levels to enjoy.

Dirt bike mini racer operates on the iOS operating system also targeting the younger kids. Unlike the usual race on tracks or a stage, this version goes off-road.

Just as kids like to play outdoors and get some dirt when playing, this motorcycle game delivers a similar feeling. This adds to the thrill. Enjoy taking on the curves and rough terrain to test your balance abilities.

It also sharpens kids’ reaction time, as they have to keep going despite small challenges.

You can also perform wild tricks. Racing is not complicated with easy operations allowing your kids to relax and simply enjoy the sport.

The dirt going around keeps kids excited and the surrounding environment is the real deal for an outdoor racing experience.

This game is not about speed racing but about balance and finesse by taking on rough turns and retaining your grip on the dirt.

Excitebike 64

ExciteBike 64
99 Reviews
ExciteBike 64
  • Experience extreme MX! You grind your way through the hairpin...

While this game may not be new in the motorcycle games for kids, it is still outstanding. After accessing the game, you have the ability to choose between six riders.

The riders are different with varying traits and capabilities. The terrain is rigid with challenging levels. It also comes with a little bit of everything.

Dirt, mud, and waterlogged muck and other outdoor experiences partake in this game. The game seeks to let you make the best of racing without having to experience the risk and pain outdoors off an actual race.

While many motorcycle games seek to provide a realistic feel; this game is fictional allowing racers to go all the way. As you race, all racers have names and the game comes with an announcer. It feels like you are in a real racing arena.

The sound is amazing and rather than toning it down, it remains clear and as loud as it would be in a real arena.

MotoGP 17

MotoGP 17 - Playstation 4 PS4
17 Reviews
MotoGP 17 - Playstation 4 PS4
  • The Official MotoGP 17 Season
  • 60 FPS and new online modes

The older kids will appreciate the MotoGP 17 motorcycle games for kids to play. Kids looking to stay indoors while at the same time have a similar experience to racing on tracks competitively with other racers will love this game.

They are challenging and you will require some skill in an effort to take on different angles without going off course while at the same time upholding speed.

It is all about creating a balance between speed and stability.

It allows you to advance into the game gradually. The initial phase is simpler and as you advance, the challenges take a tougher turn.

Overall, kids can grow into the game and better their skills over time. To spice things up, the graphics and sounds get better as you advance in the game so you get something new preventing boredom.

You also have the ability to get another bike as you get better and choose something to suit personal preference.


The above top motorcycle games for kids to play are diverse to ensure that whether you are young or slightly older, you have something to excite you. They are less complicated to play to allow kids to meet their wants and preferences while at the same time relax and enjoy the game.

They are compatible with different operating systems so it is important that you check on your device before trying to download a game. For those on a budget, you can also find free motorcycle games for kids that do not compromise on quality and awe.

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