Motorcycle License Texas Guidelines for Eligibility And Applications

Texas has magical wildflower fields, unending miles of the open and winding roads, and the desert landscapes that offer the perfect retreat to motorcycle riders. However, the riders must meet certain requirements before they can indulge in the fascinating rides. They need to have a valid motorcycle license. What are some of the motorcycle license Texas requirements?


Probably you are new to and have an out-of-state Texas license for your motorcycle. Worry not! Your details are transferable to the current license as long as it is valid.

The local DPS driver license office has guidelines for the newcomers. The newcomers should visit the office within three months since they moved to Texas. You will need to:

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    Surrender your motorcycle permit
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    Show your identity proof, SS number, and Texas/U. S residency presence
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    You will need to excel in the following motorcycle examinations
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    Written exam on motorcycles if you wish to transfer your license credentials
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    Road skills for those under 18
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    For applicants 18 and over- $25
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    Below 18- $16
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    Class M addition to the current license- $16


For any Texas resident who wishes to have the class M license, you should fulfill the following requirements:

l Minimum age limit is 15 years with a learner’s license or class C driver license or a Class C license with a 32-hour driver’s Ed course

l Be enrolled in a safety course permitted by the public safety department

For those under 18: You should have a learner’s license with J restriction and should have passed the written exam. When you pass the motorcycle road skills exam, the J restriction is lifted.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, applicants can apply for their TX motorcycle license.


The applicant’s age determines what restrictions they will face in acquiring the class M license. The J restriction affects anyone below 18 years. You can only ride under the supervision of someone aged 21 years and above. However, the limitation is lifted when one passes the road skills test.

The I restriction affects anyone below 16 years prohibiting them from riding motorcycles that displace 250 ccs or less. The restriction ends at 16 years.


After passing your exams and meeting the eligibility criteria, visit the driver licensing office and submit your course completion course. You will need to show your one of the items:

l Class C license

l Driver’s education completion certificate

l Provisional Class C license

15-17 years

You must tag your legal guardian or parent along and present the VOE form from high school. Passing the road skills test for motorcycle riding is a must.

Your class M motorcycle license has six-year validity for those 18 years and over.


It is mandatory that all motorcycle license holders in Texas complete the safety course. The safety course covers topics such as:

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    Dangerous riding behavior and situations to avoid
  • check
    Basic handling of the motorcycle and other skills
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    How to deal with an emergency
  • check
    Picking protective gears
  • check
    Use Motorcycle GPS

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