How To Mount Motorcycle Radar Detector

How many times have you found yourself being ticketed for speeding? Did you vow to never again be ticketed? But, what have you done to avoid a repeat in the future?

When one rides a good motorcycle on an open road, the urge to speed is always very high. Only when you get a speed ticket that you realize that you have been on the wrong. It’s that time to think and mount motorcycle radar detector.

You definitely would like to detect the speed detector from a distance, isn’t it? Your help is in a motorcycle radar detector. The problem with the use of the detectors has been in the buying and installation of the same. Read this through and you will know how easy it is to install the detector.

Cautions When Buying Motorcycle Radar Detector

First things first, before you can mount the detector, let’s mention a few things about buying the detector. If you are on your way to the shop, think about the detector. Go thinking about the suction cup. Do you need a detector with a suction cup? If you do, then, how well should it be built? If the suction cup falls off while riding, you will potentially lose the camera, phone or Motorcycle GPS.

The shape and design of your bike do matter. Buy a radar detector that will look like it was originally part of the bike when mounted. Do not go for detectors that look odd when attached to the bike.

Go for the detector which detects all radar bands, has 360° detection and is long-range. Also, consider compactness and durability.

5 Areas to Mount Motorcycle Radar Detector

If you have bought a detector, by now you can tell that there are many types. Equally, mounting of the same is done differently. Different motorcycles allow mounting in many places while some are restricted.

1. Mounting on the Handlebar

You might have realized that most motorcycle radar detectors are mounted on the handlebars. The main reason is the design of both the handlebar and the detectors. Of most essence also is the accessibility of the detector while at the handlebar.

When buying the detector for mounting at the handlebar, go for one that resembles your bike design. This is the face of the motorcycle. Can you afford an ugly look? Definitely, no.

To mount the radar detector on your handlebar, do the following.

Have your detector ready, place it at the correct position and then screw it to tightness. Remember that you have the full length of the handlebar to choose where to place. If there are rubberized reducer brushings, use them. They greatly reduce vibration.

2. Pinch Bolt Mounting

Unique motorcycle radar detectors have a nice control mount system. This makes it possible to attach to the clutch or the brakes. If you have some desired look for your bike that you want to maintain, this is a good option.

This sounds nice, isn’t it? With the detector around this area, one, the camera is in the windshield space. Additionally, you have a very easy reach to your detector.

To mount the motorcycle radar detector here is very simple. All you need to do is substitute the factory pinch bolt with the detector bolt. Screw it to firmness in the correct direction and position. It is that simple.

3. Mount on the Mirror

You have realized that mirrors are very strongly fixed on the motorcycles. You can take advantage and mount a radar detector on them. Remember that mirrors are frequently looked at by the riders. Take advantage. In this way and by design, many mirrors usually have one unused hole.

Have you ever known what such holes are meant for? Now you know. You can easily mount your radar detector here. Mounting the motorcycle radar detector on the mirror is very simple.

Simply, take note of the hole. Slide the stem through it. Screw the detector to tightness and you are good to go. It is that simple. It is easily accessible, strongly held and free from disturbance.

4. Mounting Through Motorcycle Fork Tube

Do you own a sportbike? Yours is simpler and faster to do. Does your bike have a fork tube? This is the place to mount the detector.

The majority of the sportbikes such as Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki have a fork tube. It’s easy and quickens the mounting process.

To install on the fork tube, just slide through it and clamp. You may allow protrusion to the triple clamp.

5. Mount on the Motorcycle Fairing

For the owners of the prestigious cruise bikes or chopper bikes, the best place to mount the detector is on the fairing. That piece of plastic that is meant for airflow manipulation. These include the Bat-winged Harvey Davidson riders.

To mount the detector you need to do three things. First, drill two to four holes on the plastic. Secondly, you should place the mount in the place. Lastly, screw the detector to tightness.

Buying and mounting motorcycle radar detectors is that simple. It is a do-it-yourself thing that you should be able to do by following the above guide.

Final Verdict

For your riding safety, You must need the Best Radar Detector. It will give you the best pleasure to freely ride your bike. Stay safe and enjoy your riding.