Motorcycle with Automatic Transmission is a Must-Have for Riders

When we think about cars, we think about automatics. However, in the motorcycle world, the majority of people use manual. Little did they know that automatic transmission plays a positive role when you are a beginner’s motorcycle rider.

The automatic transmission provides an accurate and efficient way of shifting gear. It basically eliminates the need to constantly check on your gears and to have to manually shift it.

This efficiency is why they call it an automatic transmission. People often think that motorcycle with automatic transmission is often the basic scooters, but motorcycle brands such as Honda is now implementing the automatic transmission into their bikes.

Honda gold wing

The Honda Gold wing has been re-styled like crazy; this is especially true for the 2020 model. It has both looks and tons of new and advanced technology. This Honda heavyweight bike has now included the dual-clutch transmission system. The bike is all about providing a smooth long-distance cruising speed along with comfort and style. If you take out the need for shifting gears, it adds efficiency to a new level of luxury.

Energies Eva esseesse 9

This high-quality motorcycle has a single-speed transmission. The urbanized and retro style puts a modern twist that can make the rider look hip and hot. It has become a growing trend in the motorcycle industry because of its automatic transmission and aesthetic appearance. Just imagine how irresistible you would look along with a bike that does not require you to shift gears constantly. This is definitely the future of motorcycle.

Ktm freeride exc

This unique and innovative motorcycle contains a dirt bike type of exterior. It is the first electric off-road motorcycle that came out of the rider’s industry. With this bike, you can ride through any mountains and terrains along with the luxury of the automatic transmission.

Honda crx700N

This amazing and unique bike comes with a DCT. When you reach your hand over the clutch, you will realize that there is nothing there. This is an amazing modern cruiser with high-quality automatic transmission functionality. The idea that you don’t need to shift the gear makes it very unique and rare.

Zero DS

This bike is very similar to the energy. It has a single-speed transmission that does not require the annoyance of switching and shifting gear. This is mainly because of the awesome automatic transmission system.

The amazing part about the zero DS is the high-quality DSR, which is a dual-sport. The dual-sport is basically a motorcycle that works efficiently on the street and off the street.

If you are planning on riding in areas where you have to change your trail, then a dual-sport is perfect for you. Another thing is since you don’t have to shift gears, it’s one less thing to worry about.

The significant part about this bike is that it operates on an electrical system which means you won’t have to worry about the range. It also delivers a powerful torque which is unique amongst dual sports bikes.

Honda NC700x DCT

This is a powerful machine that does wonders in a drag race against any bike. If you want something strong and sturdy that can win the race, then this automatic transmission motorcycle will not disappoint you.

It offers a 51 hp with a two-cylinder of 670 mL. The rider also has the option to either go fully automatic or partially manual by controlling part of the gears. They can control the gears through upshift and downshift which are mounted on the handlebar.

It has various types of riding modes that you can check out such as sports mode and a neutral drive. After riding the bike for some time, we can definitely say that it’s a stable and agile type bike. You could easily maneuver through different turns, and obstacles with ease mainly because of its low center of gravity. If you’re interested in racing with a motorcycle, then this is definitely the bike to get.

Aprilia mana 850

The cool part about this motorcycle is that it does not rely on DCT. It utilizes a technology called CBT which stands for continuously variable transmission. The significant part about the Aprilia is that it is an automatic motorcycle with some manual settings that are implemented in it.

This means that you can simply twist the handlebar and begin your bike. If you want to, you can click on the gear located on the side of the box. It has three significant riding modes which are sports, rain, and touring.

Sports can provide optimal engine power, engine brake, and torque. The touring provides an economic ride and fuel efficiency by decreasing the power delivery and responsiveness without compromising a smooth ride.

The rain mode helps reduce the torque to improve the efficiency and handling of the bike in various weathers.

The Honda NM4 Vultus DCT

This is a unique type of bike. It differentiates itself from other bikes in that this isn’t a little 125 mL type of job. The voltage is powered by a liquid-cooled 6700C. It produces around 46.9 HP at 6250 RPM.

This is a pretty sweet deal especially if you implement the door clutch transmission which is a high-quality ABS system. Keep in mind that there is more to the automatic motorcycle than just the engine and transmission. It also has a comfortable seat and backrest that the rider can sit and relax.

The backrest can be raised or lower to accommodate the passenger’s needs. The motorcycle also comes with storage space for putting your bags in as well as LED lights to ride through the night.


The automatic transmission may not be very popular in the motorcycle industry, but it’s slowly gaining traction and speed. A lot of people claim that it does not have enough torque power, but car models like Honda are proving them otherwise. In fact, automatic transmission implemented in the bike can have equally as much torque power as a manual and can provide more convenience than one as well. That is why, as time goes by, the automatic transmission will come through at full force in the motorcycle industry.

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