The Benefits of Using Motorcycle Hand Guards During The Winter Season

Motorcycle Hand Guards During The Winter Season
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Riding a motorcycle needs protection gadgets since it can be perilous, especially when driving at top speed. Therefore, all the motorcycle producers have come up with various gadgets and clothing that are specifically especially for riders in order to be at least assured of their safety in accident situations. I have applied to motorcycle handguards for several reasons. Most people use them to focus on one key benefit, although they come with a multitude of merits to the bike rider/owner. The handguard serves the following primary purposes:

Protect your hands as you ride–as the name suggests, the handguards provide essential protection to your hand, especially when you are riding in a bushy area. Tree branches and other shrubs may hurt you as you ride. The higher the ride speed, the more harm to your hands occurs. This makes many riders avoid riding in bushy areas. With hand guards on your bike, you are actually safe. I set you free to ride in any region you wish. You can go through any bush whether for leisure or when you need to access any place.

Another benefit of handguards is protection against cold, especially during winter. I associate the winter season with very low temperatures, hence the rider might not be very comfortable because of the frosty weather. Your motorbike bars are metallic. Metallic bars are good conductors and hence get freezing when the temperatures are low.

This may be to the extent of freezing your hands as you ride! To avoid this, you may need handguards that will help you by insulating your bars. With them, you cannot catch up with the cold.

Some people have tried to overcome this challenge by wearing thick gloves. Having thick gloves becomes challenging as you cannot move your hands, especially your fingers, freely. This is the major limitation of using gloves –you need your fingers to be freely mobile when riding. You use them to manipulate your controls!

Handguards are very beneficial for protection against the wind/storm and stones. As you ride, high-speed wind is generated. This may harm your hand, particularly during winter–when the air is damn cold! Again, during winter there is snow. The guards are excellent at providing protection against the snow.

Handguards also offer the rider better control of the bars. They enable you to manipulate the clutch, throttle, and brake control more comfortably and easily. Besides this, they give a better grip on the bars as you ride.

The handguards are not only important in protecting you but also the bars of your bike. During a minor crash or a tip-over, the guards offer protection to your bars. Instead of damage to your bar, little or no damage is done to the guards. Remember that it is always cheaper to replace handguards than bars.

Handguards provide some protection to your hands in minor crashes as well. This is not a highly regarded benefit as in a crash the whole body is at risk of injury and handguards can only protect the hands.

There are two major categories of handguards, i.e. Motocross (open) and wrap-around handguards.

Motocross Hand guards

These are guards mainly made to protect your hands from snow, stones, and mud. They are perfect for protecting your hand, especially during winter because they provide a little warmth to your hands. I fixed them to your bars at one point only. For this reason, they are not so tight and hence do not protect your bars so much. Riders like them because:

  • They are open, hence the rider can freely swing his/her hand and fingers.
  • They have a lighter weight than the wrap-around hand guards.
  • They are easy to install –only need to be fixed on the bar at only one point.
  • Motocross hindquarters are cheaper than wrapping around guards.

The reason one may dislike them is that they offer less bar protection.

Wrap around hand guards

These are stronger handguards. They are fixed to your bars at two points, hence are attached more firmly. Despite the higher cost, compared to motocross handguards, you may like them because:

  • They provide greater protection to your hand and bars in a crash.
  • They are more durable than the motocross hand guards.
  • They survive most minor crashes.

The only demerit is that they are more difficult to fix and may limit some and movement.

The choice of handguards you choose is purely based on your preferences. Sometimes, you will decide based on the amount of money you want to spend at a time.