How To Install Speakers In Your Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet speakers are essential for bikers because they help in easy communication via the phone without the need of you stopping your ride. The rider might also want to listen to music and enjoy him/herself and motorcycle helmet speakers can enhance that. Most of the helmets do not have speakers unless you purchase the special expensive ones. Worry less if your helmet does not have speakers because you can install the speakers yourself and start enjoying your ride. How can someone install speakers on his/her helmet?

Guide that will help you install speakers to your helmet

Things You Will Need

  • Old Headphones- Look for headphones that have at least 1W speaker in them. An example of such headphones is computer headphones. Do not go for earphones because they are too small and their speakers won’t be effective.
  • iPod and Velcro- The best iPod to use is the shuffle one which has tactile controls. Go smaller ones. You will use the Velcro to stick your stuff into the helmet. It serves as a fastener or glue.
  • Wires- The wires should not stress you because you can use the cables from your headphones. Otherwise, you can opt to buy new ones if you feel you will destroy the older ones while disconnecting them.
  • Soldering skills- This is basic and will help you achieve your goal. If you do not have the soldering skills, you can learn about them in one day by getting couched by an experienced guy.

Procedure Of Installing Helmet Speakers

  • Remove Speakers From The Headphones

This is the first step of your process. You ought to gut the headphones and get the speakers out of them. This process should be done carefully and try your level best to retain the foam because you intend to use the speakers later. To remove the speakers, start by removing the housing case of the headphone. Afterward, dismantle the wires that are connected to the speakers carefully and ensure that you do not destroy them. Remember to mark which wire is attached to which while disconnecting them. Get your speakers peacefully.

  • Reconstruct the Wiring

Reconstructing the wires basically entails connecting the wires back to the speaker before placing the speakers on the helmet. Attach each wire where it was initially attached. In the case that you removed from the headphones you can use it as a case for your speakers, and you can reuse the foam to cover everything. Get some Velcro and stick it on the speakers.

  • Place The Speakers In The Helmet

Where do you place the speakers on the helmet? This is a question that you might be asking yourself. All motorcycle helmets always have a small space in both cheek pads. The small space is your hotspot because it will give you comfort when using your speakers. Fix your speakers in the small space and position them carefully so that they do not get out quickly. The next thing to do is running the wires inside and around the back of the helmet lining. It is essential to put slack to prevent the wires from being pulled off easily for any reason.

  • Position The Audio Player

The audio player is positioned on the outside of the helmet. Your audio player, in this case, is the iPod or can be any other device. Where do you place the audio player? Place it near the cheek. Positioning the audio player near the cheek is advisable because it becomes easier for you to adjust volume and to forward to the next audio. Another advantage of placing near the cheek is that it is safe because no one will swipe it out as it is almost in front of the helmet. You can use Velcro to place the iPod on the helmet and use the smooth side of the iPod. It is advisable to remove your iPod from your helmet when you are leaving it on the bike.

The iPod is always placed upside down so that when it rains, it is not affected. Otherwise, for safety purposes, remove it from the helmet when it rains. The good thing about removing the iPod from the helmet is that you do not have to remove anything because everything is contained in the helmet.


The mentioned above are the simple steps that you can take to install speakers on your helmet. If you are using a Bluetooth device, you can also connect it on the helmet, and you can receive your phone calls comfortably and listen to your music joyfully. A friendly reminder, do not listen to your music at a high volume while on the ride because it can compromise your safety. Not only does it affect you’re hearing health but it also increasing your chances of getting accidents. Enjoy yourself with your speakers but also ride safely.