How To Tie Down Two Motorcycles On A Trailer

Motorcycles are usually a symbol of freedom because they offer you an incredible experience while cruising down the highway against the wind.

However, there are certain instances when you cannot use your motorbike, for example, taking them to the track. In such scenarios, you need to have to tie down your two motorcycles on a trailer and then position them firmly to prevent any accident.

This process nevertheless, is not very straightforward as it seems, especially when having to tie down two motorcycles on the trailer. Fortunately, in this article, you will be taking through the steps of securing your motorcycle trailer firmly. Therefore, this never has to be an issue ever again in the future.

Step 1

You will require four nylon tie-downs that have ratchets or buckles for each of your standard-sized bikes. The ideal thickness should be between 1-1/2” to 2” because thick nylon straps are capable of handling loads that weigh thousands of pounds.

Ideally, you should get ratchet straps since they provide you with the best tensile strength, unlike cam buckle straps.

Step 2

Place two straps at your trailer’s front and two others close to the back. After that, connect the strap’s lower part to the trailer hooks in every position and place the slack on the trailer’s floor where you can easily reach it after loading your motorcycle.

The point of connection to your trailer should ideally be close to the bottom. Furthermore, if there are sidewalls on your trailer, you must not fasten the straps there. It is because a strap angle that is higher than 45 degrees starts to reduce the downward tension.

Repeat this same procedure for the position where you will place your second motorbike on the trailer.

Step 3

Slowly roll your motorcycle to on top of the trailer by pushing or riding it. After the motorbike’s front wheel is close to the trailer’s front, put down the kickstand, and then get the two front straps.

You should then proceed to firmly secure the bike’s front, with this the most important connection. To do this, you can choose to circle the nylon cover above the handlebars and the slipping the hook inside the nylon loop at the tie-down end. Likewise, you can have the handlebars hooked directly to the tie-down.

After this, roll over the second motorbike onto the trailer and make sure its front tires reach the two front straps. Consequently, make sure it has been appropriately hooked to the tie-down.

Step 4

Now that the motorcycle is on the kickstand, start alternating between pulling both the front tie-downs until it is standing upright and safely while the kickstand is above the ground. After this, push the kickstand inwards, and then start ratcheting the motorcycle’s front.

As you do this, make sure you compress the forks as well as ensuring the suspension is completely firm. This ensures the suspension will not bounce any time you hit the bumps while traveling.

You should alternate equally between all sides to make sure there is equal tension. Additionally, if you want to place cam buckles, you need to place your body weight onto the bike to fasten it further.

Do the same for the other motorbike to make sure it is appropriately fastened.

Step 5

By now, your motorcycle should be in a perfectly vertical position. If you realize it is leaving towards any one side, loosen the tie-downs on each side of the handlebars and then examine it again.

Repeat the same procedure for your other bike.

Step 6

With the front tires firmly in position, you should now place your focus on the rear end of your motorcycle. Make sure you do not put any tie-down hooks on anything apart from the motorcycle’s permanent part, for example, the frame. This is crucial as the tie-downs will destroy any non-permanent fixture on the bike.

Tighten both these straps with uniform tension. However, these straps do not offer a similar level of support provided by the front ones, so it is not necessary to compress them identically as the front suspension. The role of these rear straps is to prevent the motorbike’s rear from bouncing sideways.

Step 7

Grab your motorcycle’s handlebars and shake it to gauge how firmly held. You should feel as though the bike is part of the trailer welded on its floor. This is because when you push the bike, it is the trailer that should move instead of the bike. If you notice even the slightest movement during this test, rework the tension until it is firm enough.

Do the same test for the second bike to make sure it is firmly held in position.

You can now proceed and take a drive with your two motorcycles on the trailer without any worries. Subsequently, you will arrive at your destination with your motorbikes still in perfect condition and ready for use.

Useful tips when securing a motorcycle on your trailer

  • Have someone assist you in loading the motorcycles on your trailer, and this is especially important if you are a beginner.
  • The motorcycle’s front can face the back of your trailer if there are other items placed on the trailer.
  • You should use four straps when loading large bikes onto your trailer. Two of the straps will be to pull the bike down on its sides, whereas the other two will be to pull it forward.


If you were looking to learn how to place two motorcycles on a trailer, then reading through this article has well elaborated the steps you need to follow. Moreover, you also have learned about some useful tips to observe when loading a bike on the trailer.

With this in mind, you are now better placed to do this correctly. Therefore, this prevents damage to your motorcycles and injury to you or other individuals on the road.