Effectiveness Of Wearing Leatt Neck Brace When Biking

An old mentor used to tell me that life is a jungle and that the first rule of the forest is staying alive. Well, considering that being active is one of the riskiest things, it turns out that we are usually faced with the great responsibility of making sure that we are subject to it every dying second.

Apparently, for bikers, it feels like this assignment of making sure that they are alive is a little more wanting than an average person considering the extreme of the activity.

The other day someone asked me whether it is of such importance to wear a neck brace when off-road racing or just biking at all. Well, at first, I thought that should not be a question. I pretended that it was nothing and almost did not answer the question. Then I remembered that perhaps he was not so lucky to have a mentor when growing up.

Whether off-road racing, dirt biking, or regular biking, a neck brace is as essential as any other protective gear. It may look like it does not have much significance in protecting the biker than some other gears like helmet maybe because of its size. What people fail to understand is that the importance of the neck brace in protecting the biker cannot be replaced by any other gear.

Motocross Neck braces have significant importance in protecting the biker, depending on the activity he is involved in. Practical is perfect, and as such, I like being functional in all my doing, and so should you. Talking of which, to elaborate on the significance of neck braces with some practical application vividly, we shall look through facts and data. Let’s look at the importance of these gears and the different occasions when they are best used.

Importance of wearing a neck brace

Basically, neck braces are protective gears that prevent bikers from injuries during races. On a side note, they are not just regular gears. They are gears designed with acute understanding and primary consideration of off-road biking activities after profound research, then tested and adjusted to prevent painful injuries occurrence. Neck braces have been proven to be the best prevention for neck injuries and cervical spine injuries. Action Sports conducted research over ten years time of study on several bikers.

The aim of the study was to find out the disputed truth and to prove the effectiveness of the neck braces. According to the study findings, 239 people who did not wear the braces reported cervical spine injuries while only 26 wearing the pair did. The same case applied to clavicle fractures and non-critical spine injuries.

Data proves that it is critically essential to wear neck braces for armature biking. And seriously, why would one not wear the pair anyway for such an activity. It is clear that off-road biking or dirt biking or whichever other armature biking is an activity that people engage in knowing that it is rough and not so safe. So even overlooking the primary importance of preventing spine injuries, a neck brace should be kept on for the essence of being a safety gear.

How the neck brace works

The least neck brace could be technical in design, but that may not be how they are in functionality. Leatt neck braces perform a simple and seemingly helpless function. The primary purpose is to regulate the intensity of movement of the part of the neck overlying the spine during travel and in case of an accident. That may seem helpless, but the effectiveness of that relative action can only be felt in its absence.

The brace archives this by resting on the shoulder of the biker to allow the helmet a place to lean on. This way, when the head moves and pushes the mask, it can only travel too far because the brace reduces the distance of the travel of the mask to reach the shoulder. This, therefore, prevents the neck from tweaking in case of a severe impact of intense motion of the head.

Leatt neck brace

Wearing a neck brace is not all there is in ensuring adequate care and prevention of injuries. Instead of wearing the right neck brace is. Leatt neck brace is built by the most appropriate company, one that has more than enough experience and exposure to biking activities. To learn neck brace, it is so much a matter of reputation and compassion in what they are good at doing like it is a matter of safety.

Leatt brace is correctly built to ensure the prevention of the slightest unnecessary movement of the neck. They provide that hyperflexion, hyperextension, and axial loading is prevented to the latter during these relatively unsafe but extremely exciting armature activities.