How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Backpack

Purchasing the right motorcycle backpack can be exciting and challenging at the same time. It is exciting because you get to take a look at different kinds of motorcycle backpacks on the market. But it is also challenging because it takes a lot of time to get the right one on your hands. If you love traveling a lot with just you and your motorcycle, it’s a great idea to have a nice backpack.

With the right tips to help you out, you can get the right backpack according to your needs. It will be able to last for a long time as well. Check out the checklist below to get handy tips:

Your Size and Figure

First things first, your size and figure matter. Depending on your size and figure, a backpack may fit differently than what you see in pictures and advertisements. Basically, all backpacks are made in different shapes and sizes so it takes patience and attention to detail when choosing the right motorcycle backpack.

Some backpacks don’t have padded back support and shoulder straps for additional comfort. Thus, if you can’t find one with these features, you need to find a backpack that fits perfectly around your hip bones. This way, you can still be comfortable on your ride and feel less pressure on your back.

Your Stuff

This is typically one of the hardest parts of choosing. Some riders tend to focus on the visual look of a backpack before considering the things they have to fit in there. Aside from decent storage for your valuables, you need extra storage where you can put your gloves or even your helmet and extra shoes for a long journey. If you are going to carry a laptop in your backpack, you also need better storage to keep it safe.

Take note, your stuff should have its own storage to avoid mixing them up and get things easier. If you keep all your stuff in the same storage, you might end up getting them all out just to get what’s at the bottom. It might also damage some of your valuables by accidentally bumping into each other while you’re on the road.


It’s true that skipping to the best brands out there can help you get the right motorcycle backpack right away. However, it’s still smart to know what to inspect to spot a better backpack from other brands. You might also get a chance to spot discounted backpacks that have quality stitches. Stitches matter a lot since a proper stitches backpack has been tested and proven already to last longer.

Not to mention if you tend to carry a lot every time you travel with your motorcycle. Backpacks with poor stitches will most likely open up over time from extensive use and heavy things inside. Unless you want your stuff flying out of your bag while you drive, you will inspect the stitches seriously.


Aside from having a properly stitched backpack, it is vital to check the overall quality and durability of your backpack. This means that your backpack should be made from durable materials that can overcome various situations. Just imagine going for a ride with a cheap backpack that can’t even stay in place, zip-up smoothly, and keep your things separately. Do you think it will be able to last for years in that condition? Can you even stand to invest in that kind of backpack?

Aside from the durability issues, it is also ideal to check if the materials of your backpack allow the air to circulate on your back. Thus, you can say goodbye to sweaty days and the uncomfortable feeling on your back while wearing them.


Most customers prefer to buy things because it looks good and it is currently one of the trends. But you shouldn’t have that same mindset if you want to put your money on the right investment. Some backpacks are designed with lots of pockets and claps outside and many customers love it. However, what they don’t know is that those extra outside pockets and claps add weight to the overall weight of the bag once loaded.

If you value your health and your back so much, get a lightweight backpack that still has the other qualities you are looking for. The less weight your backpack has, the better so be sure to bring only the most important things you need on the road. Neglecting this aspect can lead to common back pains or worst, injuries. You wouldn’t want to go there because no one would, intentionally.


Oftentimes, traveling with your motorcycles means enduring the weather no matter how unpredictable it is. This is the main reason why most motorcycle backpacks are created to resist water. Even it if it is just shower-resistant, it can still be a good buy if it has the other important qualities you are looking for. Needless to say, everything inside your backpack will end up wet, smelly, and probably damaged if it’s not waterproof.

Extra Padding

Motorcycle riders are not new anymore to accidents so it’s important to consider getting a backpack with extra padding. This will serve as a support during accidents and decrease your chance of suffering from more injuries, especially on the back. This extra support can also add protection to your stuff inside.


Choosing the best motorcycle backpack is literally time-consuming with all these things included in our checklist. But then again, spending some of your time and money to complete this checklist will also return to you over time. Instead of buying a new backpack regularly which can cost more if you will only calculate it, invest in a single backpack that you can use for years. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save in the end from following our advice.

Most importantly, you will be more comfortable thinking that everything you need is safe and sound on your back.